DIY Spring Decor Ideas

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    Spring Decor Ideas You Can DIY

    Get ready to defrost your house from the cold spells of winter and welcome the warm and inviting weather of spring. Celebrate spring with these 25 DIY projects perfect for decorating your home with floral accents or soft pastel colors. With flashy signs, table runners, vases, and more to choose from your house will look magnificently stunning for the season!

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    Spring Floral Sign

    After the long cold days of winter, celebrate the return of warm weather and flowers with a large DIY sign covered in flowers that would be perfect to hang over your fireplace mantel to bring spring blossoms into your home.

    DIY Spring Floral Sign Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Birdhouse

    Now that the weather is getting warmer many birds are returning back after flying away to warmer climates. Celebrate the return of birds, by painting your own birdhouse to hang in your backyard so that you can enjoy watching the birds eat in your back yard.

    DIY Birdhouse Tutorial from Alice And Lois

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    Hanging Flower Chandelier

    Showcase spring blossoms by crafting a beautiful flower chandelier that is perfect to hang over your table for a party decoration, or for a simple centerpiece for a date night at home.

    DIY Hanging Flower Chandelier Tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion

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    Spring Floral Table Runner

    Beautifully set the table for your next dinner party this spring by making a table runner out of flowers by arranging tons of little vases each filled with a single blossom to create a spectacular centerpiece that is easy to assemble.

    DIY Spring Floral Table Runner Tutorial from Homey Oh My

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    Bonjour Stenciled Doormat

    Update your home's exterior decor for spring by removing all the old Christmas decorations and adding a few fresh plants and DIY stenciled doormat by your front door to quickly update your porch. 

    DIY Bonjour Stenciled Doormat Tutorial from Earnest Home Co.

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    Holographic Vase

    Holographic everything is super trendy right now, and one affordable way to bring this trend into your interior decor is by crafting your own holographic vase that shines in soft pastel colors.

    DIY Holographic Vase Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

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    Brushstroke Coasters

    Add some soft pastel colors to your table setting or coffee table by making yourself a set of brushstroke coasters to use under drinks this spring.

    DIY Brushstroke Coasters Tutorial from Sugar And Cloth

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    Tulip Wall Art

    If you are looking for a quick way to add some spring decor to your walls, you can print this tulip artwork to hang in your home for some free art.

    DIY Tulip Art Tutorial from Make And Tell

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    Spring Wreath

    Say hello to spring with this cheerful DIY wreath that you can make to hang on your front door this year.

    DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial from Lil' Luna

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    Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

    The return of flowers in the garden also means the return of beautiful butterflies fluttering around your yard, making these lovely DIY butterfly cupcake toppers the perfect way to decorate your own batch of cupcakes this spring.

    DIY Butterfly Cupcake Topper Tutorial from My Sister's Suitcase

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    Painted Clutch Makeover

    Give a fresh look to one of your old clutches by using paint to add your favorite pastel color to give it a makeover with this clever DIY.

    DIY Painted Clutch Makeover Tutorial from A Bubbly Life

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    Hello Sunshine Sign

    Perfect for spring and summer this DIY hello sunshine sign in sunshine yellow could be a cheerful addition to your home's decor by adding it to a shelf or wall in your home.

    DIY Hello Sunshine Sign Tutorial from Tauni Everett

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    Moss Door Hanger

    Is spring your favorite season? Celebrate the spring that is all about new beginnings, budding plans and the return of warmer weather by making a moss sign to hang on your front door that says hello spring.

    DIY Moss Door Hanger Tutorial from Vicky Barone

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    Color Blocked Wood Vase

    Decorate a glass vase to look like a wood vase with a modern color blocked design in your favorite spring colors with this amazing DIY project. The completed wood vase is perfect for adding some fresh flowers to your desk at work this spring.

    DIY Color Blocked Wood Vase Tutorial from Sarah Hearts

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    Plant a Flower Card

    This spring mail a friend a cute handmade flower card that contains some flower seeds for them to plant in their garden to celebrate the start of the new season.

    DIY Plant a Flower Card Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    Hanging Test Tube Chandelier

    Add a few blossoms to your home by making a minimal hanging chandelier where you place several test tubes to hold flowers. 

    DIY Hanging Test Tube Chandelier from Burkatron

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    Gold Bento Box

    Send the kids to school with a beautifully packed lunch by making them a stylish gold bento box with pastel colored band to hold the lunch box together. Bento boxes, popular in Japan, are a great way to store lunches, and chances are you will like this DIY gold bento box so much you will want to make one for you to pack your lunches for work.

    DIY Gold Bento Box Tutorial from Sugar And Cloth

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    DIY Copper Planters

    With the start of spring it means the return of gardening, so make some modern copper plants to start planting in.

    DIY Copper Planters Tutorial from Homey Oh My

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    Petal Gift Boxes

    Package up desserts or small gifts in a DIY petal gift box out of pastel paper for an affordable way to wrap a gift this spring.

    DIY Petal Gift Boxes Tutorial from Damask Love

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    Glitter Cocktail Shaker

    Update your bar cart this spring with a glam glitter cocktail shaker that is super easy to make!

    DIY Glitter Cocktail Shaker Tutorial from A Bubbly Life

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    Rainbow Edge Stationery

    Update your home office with some spring paper crafting by making yourself a set of fun rainbow edge stationery to write letters on this season.

    DIY Rainbow Edge Stationery Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Flower Pencil

    Update your office stationary at work by making yourself a beautiful flower pencil perfect for writing notes with.

    DIY Flower Pencil Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    Floral Wall Clock

    Showcase beautiful spring flowers by making your own floral wall clock to hang in your house.

    DIY Floral Wall Clock Tutorial from Lovely Indeed

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    Pastel Mid-Century Side Table

    Mix soft pastels into your interior decor by learning how to build your own mid-century inspired side table that has pastel accents that would be perfect in your living room.

    DIY Pastel Mid-Century Side Table Tutorial from Sugar And Cloth