Halloween Beaded Spider Jewelry Instructions

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    Halloween Beaded Spider Jewelry

    Beaded Spider Jewelry
    Beaded spiders make great Halloween earrings or necklace pendants. Lisa Yang / The Spruce

    Looking for something creepy to wear for Halloween?  These beaded spiders are sure to do the trick. The best part is they can be made with almost any beads in your stash.  We chose black beads and copper wire for these earrings—but these bead spiders look great in fun colors too. For more ghostly goodness, see this list of free Halloween beadwork projects.

    These beaded spider earrings are made of black glass crystal 12X8 mm drops for the body, 6 mm black glass faceted beads for the head and #11 Toho triangle beads for the legs. Also, it uses 22g copper wire for the body wire and 24g copper wire for the legs.

    You will need basic wire wrapping tools to make this project including a chain nose plier, round nose ​plier, and flush cutters.

    These spiders are about 1 1/4 inch long and 1 1/4 inch wide.

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    Make the Spider's Legs From Wire

    Spider Legs
    Twist four pieces of wire together to make the spider legs. Lisa Yang / The Spruce

    To make the spider's eight legs, cut four pieces of 24g wire at least three inches long. Using round nose pliers, fold the legs around the plier in the middle until they pass each other. Twist the groups of wires around each other at least one full twist to keep the group together.

    Try to make the loop as small as possible since you will be putting it on the 20g wire.

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    Put the Spider Beads and Legs on the Wire

    Beaded Spider
    Add the spider body bead, legs, and spider head bead to a piece of 20g wire. Lisa Yang / The Spruce

    Cut a 4-inch piece of 22g wire to hold the main beads for the spider.  Make a wrapped loop on one end of the wire to hang the spider by.  Trim the end of the tail wire after the wrapped loop.

    These spiders hang from a silk thread, so you'll want the loop to come from the bottom of the spider. If you want to hang your spider head up, you will reverse the order that you put the beads on.

    Put the drop bead with the wide end near the loop, then add the legs by putting the wire through the center loop, and then the head bead. 

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    Secure the Beads in Place

    Bend Wire over spider head
    Bend the wire over the spider head and wrap it around the legs to secure them in place. Lisa Yang / The Spruce

    Push the beads together firmly and make sure the twisted portion of the legs is on the underside of the spider. Bend the wire under the head bead and wrap it around the spider legs and body. This keeps all of the beads in place and prevents the legs from spinning on the center wire.

    Trim the wire tail.

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    Add Beads to the Spider Legs and Bend Them

    Bead spider legs
    Add beads to the spider legs and bend wire at the knee to secure. Lisa Yang / The Spruce

    Add the beads to each section of the spider leg, bend the wire to secure them, thread more beads and then bend the wire.

    Bend the spider leg wire so it is pointing upward. Thread beads up until what will be the first joint in the leg. This uses four 11/0 triangle beads. Push them tight against the body and then bend the wire to keep them in place.

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    Finish the Spider Legs by Bending the Wire End to Secure Beads

    Secure leg beads
    Keep the leg beads in place by bending the end of the wire up behind the beads. Lisa Yang / The Spruce

    Add more beads until the legs are the desired length. We added five 11/0 triangle beads.

    Push the beads tight together and bend the bottom of the wire upward against the inside of the spider leg up until the knee (first bend). It holds the beads very securely this way. Trim the wire end.

    Repeat for all eight spider legs.

    Spider legs look good with bugle beads separated by round seed beads.

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    Hang the Spider on a Chain to Make a Necklace

    Black beaded spider pendant
    Add a jump ring and chain to make a spider pendant. Lisa Yang / The Spruce

    Add a jump ring to the spider and a chain to make a creepy spider necklace or read on to make spider earrings. 

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    Make a Beaded Silk Thread to Hang the Spider From

    Beaded Silk Spider Thread
    Add a beaded silk thread for the spider to hang from. Lisa Yang / The Spruce

    For these earrings, we made a gray/white silk thread to dangle the spiders from. We wanted the finished earrings to be about 2 1/2 inches long, so we made the silk beaded thread about 1 inch long. 

    Cut a piece of 22g wire three inches long. Make a wrapped loop. Thread 11/0 seed beads to the desired length. Start another wrapped loop but stop after crossing the wires. Thread the loop from the spider on before wrapping the loop closed.

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    Enjoy Your Spider Earrings

    beaded spider earrings
    Enjoy your creepy halloween beaded spider earrings!. Lisa Yang / The Spruce

    Add ear wires to finish your earrings. Beaded spiders can be made in all sizes and work with almost any type of beads and wire. It is a great way to use up the leftover beads from your stash.

    Did you know spiders are Christmas decorations too?  ​Read about the Christmas spider legend and make a beaded spider ornament for your Christmas tree too.