Spider Crafts for Kids

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    Spider Crafts for Kids

    Caucasian girl showing painted fingers
    Spider Crafts for Kids. KidStock/Blended Images/Getty Images

    Kids love spider crafts! It could be because craft spiders are the only kind of spider mom usually lets in the house. These spider crafts for preschoolers and elementary aged school children are educational, fun, and best of all, simple.  You probably even have most of the supplies you need to make the crafts around the house.

    Let craft spiders in the house with your kiddos.  They'll love you for it.

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    Thumbprint Spider Craft

    Thumbprint Spiders
    Thumbprint Spiders. Kids Activities Blog

    Kids of all ages, even toddlers, can make these adorable Thumbprint Spiders.  We love that kids can get creative with color on these super cute guys.  

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    Thumbprint Spider Supplies

    Thumbprint Spider Supplies. Kids Activities Blog

    Ready to make Thumbprint spiders?  You'll need:

    • heavy paper (we like multi-media and watercolor paper)
    • watercolors
    • a paint brush
    • Googly Eyes
    • Glue
    • a black Pen or marker
    • and of course thumbs!
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    Spider Web Weaving Craft

    Spider Web Weaving. Kids Activities Blog

    The fabulous thing about this Spider Web Weaving Craft is that you can go outside to collect the twigs for the base of this craft.  Create your spiderweb to display with natural elements, creativity, and elementary weaving skills.

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    Spider Web Weaving Supplies

    Spider Web Weaving Supplies. Kids Activities Blog

    To make your own Spider web craft you'll just need:

    • sticks or twigs from outside
    • and embroidery floss 
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    Handprint Spider Craft

    Handprint Spider Craft. Kids Activities Blog

    Our favorite thing about this Handprint Spider Craft is that you can show your kids that spiders don't have to be spooky!  Plus, they use googly eyes, which is always a big draw.  This craft can get messy, so be prepared! 

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    Handprint Spider Supplies

    Handprint Spider Supplies. Kids Activities Blog

    To make Handprint Sand Spiders, you'll need:

    • acrylics, finger paints or watercolors
    • watercolor paper
    • googly eyes
    • glue
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    Bottle Cap Spider Craft

    Bottle Cap Spider Craft. Kids Activities Blog

    Rescue bottle caps from piling up in landfills by using them in this super easy and fun Bottle Cap Spider Craft! (full tutorial on Kids Activities Blog)

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    Bottle Cap Spider Supplies

    Bottle Cap Spider Supplies. Kids Activities Blog

    These are the supplies you'll need to make your Bottle Cap Spider Craft:

    • Plastic bottle caps like the ones you get on gallon milk jugs
    • Paint and paint brush for spider body
    • Pipe cleaners for spider legs
    • Googly eyes
    • Glue (hot glue preferred but kids have more fun with school glue)
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    Reinforce Ideas From Craft

    Read about Spiders to reinforce craft. Getty image

    Have fun crafting with Spiders.  I know we always do!!!  Crafting with spiders is a great way to teach about spiders. Basic teaching points may include that spiders are not insects.  Spiders have eight legs. Spiders eat insects and spin webs. Consider reading books about spiders to reinforce what you've talked about and crafted!