10 Sparkly Glitter Crafts

Glitter Magnets

 Theresa Joy

There’s no harm in adding a little shimmer to your day-to-day, so why not break out the glitter and cover a few crafts in sparkles? Don't limit glitter to kids' crafts either; it works in lots of grownup projects too. In general, remember to cover any crafting surfaces with disposable paper for easy cleanup. If there’s one downside to glitter, it’s that it’s tricky to fully wipe away. So prep your crafting area, and read on for a few fun ways to add some glam to your crafting routine.

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    Rainbow Glitter Mason Jars

    Rainbow Glitter Mason Jars
    Color Made Happy

    Mason jars are great organizational tools. You can use them for desktop storage, in kids’ rooms, or arranged on the countertop for dry goods. Add some drama to your storage jars by coating them in multi-hued glitter. These sparkly rainbow jars are perfect for storing colored pencils, markers, paint brushes, or other oft-lost craft supplies.

    Pro Tip: Spray a quick coat of clear shellac over the glitter for added staying power.

    Rainbow Glitter Mason Jars from Color Made Happy

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    DIY Sparkle Gift Tags

    Sparkle Gift Tags
    Dream a Little Bigger

    These homemade gift tags look store-bought but are totally (and easily) DIYed. All you need is cardstock, glitter, and glue. Dream a Little Bigger will show you the rest of the tutorial for making these dazzling DIYs. Make a big batch to have a few festive tags always on-hand.

    DIY Sparkle Gift Tags from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Sparkly Letters

    A hand pouring gold glitter flecks onto a paper mache letter "I"
    Two Twenty One

    Up the ante with your homemade signage by coating paper mache letters in glitter. Try a different color for each letter, or go monochrome for an eye-catching effect. Spell out a child's name, a sparkly congratulations, or glitter an entire alphabet so you have a shiny message ready to go at a moment’s notice. Two Twenty One will show you how to get this shimmering job done.

    Sparkly Letters from Two Twenty One

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    Glitter Magnets

    Glitter Magnets
    Theresa Joy

    Get up close and personal with your sparkle stash through this do-it-yourself. You can source the clear glass rounds needed for this project from the faux plant section of your dollar or craft store. The sparkles will be magnified by the glass for a dazzling, mesmerizing finish. Theresa Joy's tutorial will show you how to create this glimmering masterpieces and how to create some kitschy jewelry with them.

    Glitter Magnets from Theresa Joy

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    Blinged-Out Sneakers

    A woman's feet with pink glitter sneakers
    The Crafted Life

    With this pop of glitter in your wardrobe, you can make even the dreariest of Mondays bearable. The Crafted Life shows you how to transform a regular pair of shoes into twinkle-toed accessories. Beware, though, these cuties are far from weatherproof.

    Blinged-Out Sneakers from The Crafted Life

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    Glittery Vases

    Glittery Vases
    Studio Artesania

    Add some glitz to your fresh blooms with an upcycled vase. These vases look especially great in clusters of three, so start raiding that recycling bin. You can fill them with flowers or set them up near a fireplace or mantle for some added pizzazz. 

    Pro tip: Use painters tape to mask off non-glitter areas for a more geometric, professional look.

    Glittery Vases from Studio Artesania

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    Glitter Mini Champagne Bottles

    Three gold glittery champagne bottles with black and white labels
    Modge Podge Rocks Blog

    A perfect option for personalized party favors are these gussied-up mini champagne bottles from Modge Podge Rocks Blog. They end up looking super festive and fun. Spray paint, adhesive, and loads of glitter are the only items you'll really need for making these bottles shine. To further the personalization, add your own label with a hot glue gun.

    Glitter Mini Champagne Bottles from Modge Podge Rocks Blog

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    Glitter Balloons

    A hand holding a pink latex balloon with hot pink stenciled lips made out of glitter on the balloon
    Let’s Mingle

    Take your party balloons to the next level with Let's Mingle's personalized glittering tutorial. Once you've created your desired design, attach them to a string for a lively bunch of shimmering balloons. These will add some extra fun to any event or party.

    Glitter Balloons from Let’s Mingle 

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    Sparkly Candlesticks

    Hot pink glitter candle sticks sitting on books and a table
    Picked and Painted

    Upcycle a pair of tarnished old candlesticks with a bit of glitter and glue. Scour the thrift store for metal candlesticks, then clean them thoroughly. Picked and Painted will give you the low down on how to make this poppy project. These look especially glam in bright colors, just be sure to stay safe and opt for flameless candles (or use them to prop up some cute faux greenery).

    Sparkly Candlesticks from Picked and Painted

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    Glitter Resin Jewelry

    Pink and green glitter resin jewelry on a white background
    A Beautiful Mess

    Capitalize on the kitsch of glitter by formulating it into homemade jewelry. You'll need a silicone mold and epoxy resin to create these glittering faux jewels. A Beautiful Mess has all the tips and tricks for creating these pretty baubles and how to turn them into wearable art.

    Glitter Resin Jewelry from A Beautiful Mess