10 Free Sock Monkey Crochet Patterns

Sock Monkey in Front of Blackboard
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The sock monkey may have started out being made only using socks but any yarn can now be used to create a crochet version of the sock monkey! Sock monkeys are an iconic toy that people enjoy in childhood and beyond. You'll find them in all different types of setting; sock monkeys are on logos and in museums.

Using your crochet skills and these handy free patterns, you can make your own handcrafted version of this nostalgic, pop culture toy. You'll find crochet patterns here for stuffed, amigurumi, appliqué and finger puppet sock monkeys as well as accessories inspired by the sock monkey design. This is an idea that you can have a lot of fun with!

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    Sock Monkey Stuffed Animal Free Crochet Pattern

    Sock Monkey Stuffed Animal Free Crochet Pattern

    This free crochet pattern by beberouge shows us what a common sock monkey tends to look like. It's got a huge red grin. It is wearing a striped hat. Its hands and feet are a different color from the rest of its body. Sock monkeys come in many variations but this is similar in style to what most people think of when they think of the creature. If you have a sock monkey in mind from your own past or from pop culture then this is probably the best approximation of that design as recreated in crochet.

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    Amigurumi Sock Monkey Free Pattern

    Sock Monkey Stuffed Crochet Pattern

    Here's another variation of the popular classic style of sock monkey. This one has a solid crochet hat instead of a striped one but is otherwise similar to the first example. There are nuanced differences in the shaping between this crochet monkey by lilleliis and the previous one by beberouge; the one you like is just about personal preference. If you have a hankering to create an entire collection of crochet stuffed sock monkey animals then you might want to make one (or more) of each!

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    Contemporary Sock Monkey Free Crochet Pattern

    Striped Sock Monkey Crochet Pattern
    Craft Passion

    The designer of this project was inspired by the idea of the sock monkey when she created this free stuffed animal crochet pattern. You can see the similarities in the shaping between this one and the previous designs.

    This one is made with a more contemporary style, using colorful stripes, that sets it apart from most other crochet sock monkeys. This one looks more like other styles of crochet monkey patterns, rather than specifically the sock monkey. This crochet stuffed animal is a great gift for babies and young children.

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    Sock Monkey Finger Puppet Free Crochet Pattern

    Sock Monkey Finger Puppet Crochet Pattern
    Monkey Waffles

    Make a little sock monkey that can slip right over your finger and become a fun little toy. You don't need very much yarn at all to make this fingering weight crochet monkey toy; you can probably use scrap yarn that is already in your stash. Once it's made, this crochet finger puppet can provide lots of delight!

    The free crochet pattern by Waffle Monkey is designed to look like a traditional sock monkey with its cute red and white hat; this hat variation has only a single red stripe, which shows you yet another option if you wish to ever design your own crochet sock monkey!

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    Sock Monkey Hand Puppet Free Crochet Pattern

    Sock Monkey Hand Puppet Free Crochet Pattern
    Crochet Kitten

    If you liked that idea of a finger puppet but are more interested in the potential for putting on plays with bigger puppets, fear not ... Crochet Kitten offers a free sock monkey hand puppet crochet pattern to satisfy your exact needs! It is approximately 8" tall when worked to the specifications of the free crochet pattern, fitting nicely over an adult hand.

    Note: This pattern was designed especially for charitable use by Heavenly Angels in Need.

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    Sock Monkey Applique Free Crochet Pattern

    Sock Monkey Applique Free Crochet Pattern
    Calleigh's Clips

    You don't have to create a toy at all just because you're enjoying the inspiration of the sock monkey. You could, for example, use this free crochet pattern by Calleigh's Clips to crochet a sock monkey appliqué. This could be made multiple times to create bunting for a baby's room, or a single appliqué could be added on to a blanket or hat. This particular appliqué is slightly three dimensional, using a layering effect.

    Note that in this case, the hat on the sock monkey is red with a white stripe; there are so many options for the sock monkey crochet hat!

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    Sock Monkey Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Sock Monkey Hat Free Crochet Pattern
    Crochet In Color

    And speaking of the sock monkey crochet hat ... you can also create a crochet animal hat that looks just like a little sock monkey! These animal hats look absolutely adorable. Make your little monkey look like a little monkey!

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    Ski Helmet Sock Monkey Crochet Pattern

    Ski Helmet Sock Monkey Crochet Pattern
    Knit Pro Crochet

    A grown-up alternative to the sock monkey crochet hat is the sock monkey ski helmet cozy, available in Mr. and Mrs. versions from Knit Pro Cro. If you know a couple that likes to ski together then this would make a great gift for them!

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    Sock Monkey Coffee Cup Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

    Sock Monkey Coffee Cup Cozy Free Crochet Pattern
    Inner Hooker, Craftsy

    Crochet designer Inner Hooker created this cute cup cozy crochet pattern to bring a smile to your face every time you warm your body with coffee. This is one of those things that you can make just for yourself or create as a super cute little gift for almost anyone in your life.

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    Sock Monkey Crochet Can Cozy Free Pattern

    Sock Monkey Crochet Can Cozy Free Pattern
    Yarn Artists, Ravelry

    If soda is more your thing than coffee then you need a slightly different style of cup cozy than the one offered above by Inner Hooker. That's okay, though, because Yarn Artists offers this free sock monkey crochet pattern as a download on Ravelry.

    This cozy uses untraditional colors that are great inspiration for changing up any sock monkey design; get inspired by the ideas shown here for adapting any of the other patterns to something funkier!