Sock Crafts

Fun Sock Recycling Crafts

Sock snowman
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I thought this craft challenge might be a good way to do something creative with the orphaned socks many of us end up with over time. Your project can use socks of any size, shape or color. It can also use more than one sock... So, what are you waiting for? Browse through these projects and get started on some crafts of your own.

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    Bean Bag Bear

    Bean Bag Bear Craft
    Bean Bag Bear Craft.
    Use this craft tutorial and you can create an adorable stuffed bear using a sock, some dreid beans or rice, felt, and a few other supplies.
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    Bed Bug Craft

    Bed Bug Craft
    Bed Bug Craft.
    Follow these instructions and learn how you can make stuffed sock craft that you can use as a heating pad.
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    CD Daisy Puppet Craft

    CD Daisy Puppet Craft
    CD Daisy Puppet Craft.
    This fun daisy puppet is easy to make by attaching a CD and paper plate to a sock.
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    Sock Puppet

    Sock puppet
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    Use these suggestions and your own creativity to make your own personalized puppet out of a sock.
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    Sock Snowman Craft

    Sock snowman
    Calvin Chan Wai Meng / Getty Images
    All you need to build one of these cute, little snowmen is a white sock, some rice, and some basic craft supplies.
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    Reusing Un-Happy Foot Socks

    A visitor named Sandra explains how she turns old, hole socks into yarn she uses in her knitting projects.