Smartphone Apps for Quilters

Whether for iOS or Android

Take a look at your smartphone app store and you'll find many smartphone apps for quilters. Apps change to meet the needs of quilters and new apps are introduced on a regular basis.

You might see new features when you explore the choices on my list and I'm sure I haven't found all of the smartphone quilting apps.

I use an iPhone, and I tried not to be biased when compiling this list of applications, but I found more smartphone quilting apps for Apple's iPhone than for Android cell...MORE phones. The majority of iPhone apps will also work on the iPad, and some have unique versions especially for that device. Many of the apps will work with an iPod.

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    Quick and Easy Quilt Block Tool

    Smartphone Apps for Quilters
    Smartphone Apps for Quilters. E+ Getty Images

    C&T Publishing created a free iPhone app just for quilters. It includes over 100 quilt blocks and gives you cutting diagrams and patch sizes for multiple sizes of each block. It would also be handy to take along when you shop, to pull up quilt blocks you might want to make and review their structure.

    I don't have the app yet, but sizes assume that you will cut patches individually, and not use quick piecing techniques.

    The app also works with iPod touch and the iPad.

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    Quilts 1700- 2010

    Here's an interesting iPhone app. It was created for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and includes 22 quilts that were on display at the museum in 2010. The quilts cover three centuries of quilting in Great Britain. ($2.99 as of publishing date.)

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    Another iPhone app from C&T Publishing. A free version of the app includes instructions for 10 stitches (right-hand and left-hand sewing). You can upgrade to the three paid apps from within the free version.

    • Beginning #1 includes 60 basic embroidery stitches and over 20 minutes of video
    • Advanced #2 takes you to more advanced stitches and offers another 20 minutes of video
    • Silk Ribbon #3 includes more than 50 stitches to help you create projects with silk ribbon, along with more video
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    Published by Robert Kaufman Fabrics, you can probably guess that this iPhone app helps you work with fabric selections.

    The app includes eight quilt-related calculators: a fabric measurement converter, backing and batting calculator, a piece count calculator, border and binding calculators and more. It has some negative reviews regarding freeze-ups, but there's a new version available. And hey -- the app is free. If it doesn't work for you, delete it.

    Quilting Calc is also available for...MORE Android cell phones.

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    Art Quilting Daily

    Contemporary quilt lovers should check out this free iPhone app. You'll be able to read the daily blog posts from Quilting Daily, with tips on surface design, wearable arts, crazy quilting, beading, silk ribbon techniques, fabric painting and lots more. This smartphone app also gives you access to over 100 how-to videos.

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    Quilters Club of America helped develop the info contained in this free iPhone app for quilters. Enter a city, state or zip code, and search, or let the app do the work to find the shops nearest your current location. Once you find a shop that sounds interesting, you'll be able to pull up more information about it, including its Web site.

    The app also has a feedback feature -- report new shops or shops that have closed or changed locations.

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    This is a free commercial app for the iPhone that allows you to easily shop the AccuQuilt site from your phone, iPod or iPad. AccuQuilt manufactures precision cutters.

    Take a look at my AccuQuilt GO! Big review.

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    Fabric Stash

    Be sure to read the expanded description to learn what you can expect from this iPhone app. You can take pictures of your fabric and then sort it in lots of ways.

    The app helps you track costs and offers a space to record where you bought the fabric (and how much you paid for it). Create lists for your projects and make wish lists. Match fabrics. ($4.99 as of publishing date.)

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    Quilt Shop Locator

    Quilt Shop Locator is another iPhone app that helps you find shops near your current location. This app also allows user feedback to send alerts about shops that are no longer open.