Small Spools Quilt Pattern in 2 Sizes

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    How to Make a Small Spools Quilt

    Spools quilt
    The Spruce Crafts / Janet Wickell

    This little Spools quilt pattern was designed to be a scrap quilt so yardages reflect that type of layout. Sew with just a few fabrics if you prefer.

    The quilt is made with 16 six-inch traditional Spool blocks, and adjoining blocks are flip-flopped from side to side to help create somewhat of a secondary design in the finished quilt.

    Finished block size: 6" Square

    Finished quilt size: 36-1/2" Square

    See below for an 18-1/2" square miniature Spools quilt.

    Materials and Cutting for the 36-1/2" Square Quilt

    Spool quilt blocks can be assembled in more than one way, but we'll use a combination of squares and half-square triangle units to put them together.

    You'll need an assortment of 16 printed fabrics for the spool portions of quilt blocks and each scrap should measure at least 6" x 8". Double-up some fabrics if you have fewer to choose from.

    From each scrap, cut:

    • (2) 2-7/8" squares
    • (3) 2-1/2" squares

    Neutral background, cream or white, 1/2 yard

    • Cut two 2-7/8" x 42" strips and one 2-7/8" x 6-1/2" strip; cut thirty-two 2-7/8" squares from strips.
    • Cut two 2-1/2" x 42" strips; cut thirty-two 2-1/2" squares from strips.

    Dark inner border, 1/4 yard.

    Fabric for the outer border, 3/4 yard for crosswise grain strips or 1-1/8 yard for lengthwise grain strips

    Dark binding, about 165 running inches of double fold binding that will be sewn to the quilt with a quarter inch seam allowance.

    Backing, 1-1/4 yard

    Batting, about 42" square

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    Sew Spools Patchwork

    Spools quilt block pattern
    The Spruce Crafts / Janet Wickell

    Make Half-Square Triangle Units

    1. Sort matching 2-7/8" squares. Use an easy quick piecing method to sew a 2-7/8" print square to a background square of the same size, creating two half-square triangle units that measure 2-1/2" square.
    2. Repeat to make two more identical half-square triangle units.
    3. Assemble four identical half-square triangle units for each Spool block. Be sure to use the larger spools squares to create these units.

    If your half-square triangle units are too small, try sewing with slightly larger squares and trim each completed unit back to 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" after assembly.

    Make the Spools Quilt Blocks

    1. Arrange block components into three rows as shown. Half-square triangle units are in the top and bottom rows, separated by a 2-1/2" print square. Position diagonals in the units as illustrated.
    2. Sew the components of each row together. Press seam allowances towards the background square in the center row and towards the print square in the top and bottom rows.
    3. Sew rows together, butting seams to create a snug match. Use straight pins to keep matched patchwork from shifting. Press. The quilt block should measure 6-1/2" square.
    4. Make 15 more Spool quilt blocks.

    Assemble the Quilt

    Refer to the illustration above.

    1. Arrange the quilt blocks into four rows, each with four blocks. Move the scrappy blocks around until you are satisfied with the layout. A design wall can help you arrange the blocks.
    2. Sew blocks in each row together. Press seams between blocks in adjoining rows in opposite directions.
    3. Sew rows together and press.
    4. Use straight border instructions to add borders. Make the inner border from 1-1/2" wide dark strips of fabric and the outer border from 5-1/2" wide strips of your other border fabric.
    5. Mark for quilting if necessary. Sandwich the quilt with batting and backing. Baste and quilt. Trim and square up excess batting and backing and sew binding strips around the edges of the quilt.
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    Miniature Spools Quilt

    Miniature Spools Quilt Pattern
    The Spruce Crafts / Janet Wickell

    The smaller Spools quilt is assembled in the same way as the 36" square version--only its patch sizes differ.

    An assortment of 16 prints for quilt blocks, each scrap measuring about 5" x 6". From each scrap, cut:

    • Cut two 1-7/8" squares for half-square triangle units. (It's usually best to make these small units oversize and then trim back to 1-1/2" square after assembly.)
    • Cut three 1-1/2" squares

    Neutral background, cream or white, 3/16 yard

    • Cut one 1-7/8" x 42" strip and one 1-7/8" x 20" strip; cut thirty-two 1-7/8" squares from strips (or squares to match the oversize squares cut for spools, see above).
    • Cut one 1-1/2" x 42" strip and one 1-1/2" x 7" strip; cut thirty-two 1-1/2" squares from strips.

    Dark inner border, 1/8 yard.

    Medium print for wider border, 3/16 yard for crosswise strips that are not pieced, or 5/8 yard for lengthwise grain strips

    Dark binding, about 90 running inches for applied binding.

    Backing, 3/4 yard

    Batting, about 26" square

    Assemble Blocks and Quilt

    Refer to the assembly instructions above. Use the 1-7/8" x 1-7/8" print and background squares for half-square triangle units. The units should measure 1-1/2" square after assembly.

    Use the 1-1/2" print squares and background squares for remaining block components.

    Sew block rows together as shown. Assemble quilt as instructed.