Kitchen Small Appliance Covers - Free Sewing Tutorials

Kitchen appliances
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Sewing your own covers for your small kitchen appliances is probably the only way you will have covers that match all the other items in your kitchen. A cover not only helps protect the appliance from dust but is also a slight barrier for small hands if you turn your back for a second. You can make your appliance covers, match your curtains, your potholders, hot pads, and oven mitts, and even your hanging hand towels by sewing them yourself.

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    Mixer Cover or Blender Cover Directions

    Sew Your Own Mixer or Blender Cover

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    Do you have to wash the bowl to your mixer before you can use it because of dust and crumbs that landed in there while it sat idle? You won't have to if you keep it covered. Imagine not having to dust those small appliances that sit on your kitchen counter because they have been protected and safe under the fabric you made just for it!

    The pattern provided was designed for a Kitchen Aid Tilt head mixer but should fit most countertop stand mixers. Make a rough draft using muslin or scraps of fabric to test the fit if you have any doubts.

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    Free Pattern to Sew Your Own Blender Cover

    Blender Cover

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    You may use your blender every day for your morning smoothie, or it may sit there for months until you need it for something special. Either way, you want it clean and ready to use when you're ready. This cover achieves keeping your blender clean and ready when you want it.

    This blender pattern was designed for a standard, home-sized, countertop blender. An Oster Blender was my "model " for this pattern. Once again a rough draft from muslin or scraps is the best way to size the pattern if you have any doubts.

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    Create a Custom Toaster Cover

    Measurements to Make a Custom Toaster Cover

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    Toasters come in all kinds of sizes and shapes to say nothing of the number of slices it can toast at a time. These instructions guide you through making a custom pattern for your specific toaster and assembling that pattern into the perfect toaster cover. Imagine not smelling burning dust when you haven't used your toaster in a long time.

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    More Items to Sew for Your Kitchen

    Finished Dish Liquid Bottle Aprons

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    You'll be amazed at how many things you can make for yourself to have a coordinated kitchen and coordinate all of the accessories! Imagine how envious your friends who don't sew will be of your coordinated kitchen accessories!

    Aprons, potholders, can cozies, table cloths, fabric dishes for casseroles and so much more are the tip of the iceberg when you control the fabric and pattern choices. It may take time but make your plans before you go fabric shopping so you know you'll have enough for all the things you want to make for your kitchen

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    Grocery Bag Cover Up

    Plastic Grocery Bag Caddy

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    Do you have an unsightly stash of shopping bags? This grocery bag caddy is a great way to stash those bags and keep that growing stash under control.

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    Sewing Machine Cover

    Sew a Custom Sewing Machine Cover

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    A sewing machine may not be a "normal" piece of kitchen equipment but the kitchen table is where many people park their sewing machine. You want to keep that machine protected no matter where your sewing room is located. This cover will make the machine pretty no matter where it is and you can coordinate it to match your kitchen if that's your sewing room.