Small and Miniature Quilt Block Patterns

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Small Quilts Are Perfect for Babies, Wallhangings, and Home Decor

Try small quilt and quilt block patterns when you need a quilt for a gift, for home decor, a little crib quilt, or any other special project.

You'll find many quilt block patterns that offer a choice of sizes and it's easy to mix-and-match block sizes within the same quilt if you'd like to design a unique project.

  • A cluster of four 3" quilt block patterns can be sewn next to a 6" quilt block.
  • Four 6" quilt blocks can be sewn next to a 12" quilt block.
  • Try combining block sizes in narrow columns or rows to create a strippy quilt.
  • Use any combination of block sizes you like to create clusters of designs that can be sewn next to each other.

Small Quilt Block Patterns

  • Bow Tie Quilt Block Pattern Choose from three different finished sizes when you sew a quick-pieced version of this traditional patchwork quilt block.
  • Fool's Square Quilt Block Pattern This 5" square quilt block is perfect for baby quilts and wallhangings. Play with color and contrast and to see how easy it is to create a 3-dimensional look with this easy quilt block.
  • Little Five Patch Chain Quilt Block Pattern A 5" patchwork quilt block in a 'chain' configuration, a layout with squares moving from one diagonal to the other, making it easy to create a quilt with lots of diagonal movement.
  • Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern Choose from two finished sizes when you sew these simple patchwork quilt blocks.

    Miniature Quilt Block and Quilt Patterns

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