10 Best Slouchy Crochet Hat Patterns

The slouchy crochet hat is the perfect solution for a bad hair day and a stylish accessory to keep you warm. There are different variations on this type of hat, the most popular of which are the slouchy crochet beanie and the slouchy beret. These free crochet hat patterns come in various styles so you can make a range of them to match every outfit that you own.

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    Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie Free Pattern

    Slouchy beanie hat
    Vickie Howell

    This is the shape of the classic slouchy crochet beanie but it uses the fun, textured puff stitch to make it a bit more interesting. The ribbed band, created using front loop only crochet, gives it a nice fit and adds to the stylish design. This crochet hat is worked in the round from brim to top and is designed in two sizes, both for adult women.

    Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie by Vickie Howell

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    Gumdrop Slouchy Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Gumdrop slouchy hat
    Gleeful Things

    This slouchy hat is crocheted using chunky yarn, and it is designed so that even a beginner can make it. The crochet pattern is easiest worked in one color but you could also change colors every round to make a vibrantly striped hat - or change halfway through for a two-toned design. It is a versatile crochet pattern even though it is made with very basic stitches and crochet techniques.

    Gumdrop Slouchy Hat by Gleeful Things

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    Slouchy Beret Free Crochet Hat Pattern

    Slouchy beret
    Donna M. Rutledge

    Here is an easy pattern for a textured slouchy beret. You can make it in in just a few short hours. There are helpful instructions to modify it for children or for larger sizes so the whole family can join the trend. This one is a download on Ravelry.

    Slouchy Beret by Donna M. Rutledge, Ravelry 

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    Slouchy Beret Free Crochet Pattern

    Red slouchy beret
    Karen Zakaria

    Here is another take on the slouchy beret hat. This one has that signature style of a French beret; put it on and feel like a painter! This crochet pattern is worked from the top down and can be crafted in two sizes, both for adults.

    Slouchy Beret by Karen Zakaria

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    Textured Slouchy Beanie Free Pattern, All Ages

    Yellow slouchy crochet hat
    Crochet Spot

    This slouchy beanie is simple and can be worn in several ways. You can slouch it to the front so it forms a soft brim, or to the side like a beret, or simply to the back as many people do. No matter how you wear it, the textured elements will look great. This is a unisex crochet hat pattern that comes in five different sizes from baby through adult. Worked in lightweight yarn, it's a good all-season hat.

    Textured Slouchy Beanie by Crochet Spot

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    Easy Crochet Slouch Hat Free Pattern

    White crochet slouchy hat
    Olive + Brook

    The designer for this crochet pattern says, "this pattern is easy with just two stitches to complete a hat that is sure to be a staple for your wardrobe." It can be worked in a single color for a sophisticated design or many colors for something that stands out a bit more. It should take less than 3 hours to complete, regardless of skill level. It is sized to feet a teen or woman.

    The Hadley Slouch Hat by Olive + Brook 

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    Easy Free Slouch Crochet Hat Pattern for All Ages

    Crocheted slouchy hat on dressmaker's mannequin
    Ruth Jenkinson / Getty Images

    This is a basic slouchy casual hat that's easy to crochet and comes in a whole bunch of sizes. You can make this design for children, teens or adults. It's an easy project you can finish in a weekend, and if you want to make it colorful you could use up your stash yarn to craft it. Make it extra funky by adding some crocheted flowers to it. You'll be ready to amble down to the coffee shop in style. This free crochet hat pattern was designed by Erica Jackofsky.


    The hat pictured here is not the same exact style as the hat in this pattern.

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    Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Chunky slouchy hat
    Gleeful Things

    This is a mesh hat crocheted using a big, bulky yarn. It's very quick to make and takes only one skein of bulky yarn. It is a skull cap that is crocheted extra long to give it slouch. If you are looking for a last minute accessory or a gift that will impress someone quickly then this is a good crochet slouch hat pattern to use. 

    Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat by Gleeful Things

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    Slouching Pink Posie Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Lacy crochet slouch hat
    2 Yarn Obsessed

    This is a lacy crochet hat pattern that fits close to the head and yet still manages to have some slouch in the design. This is a great choice for a crochet hat that works in warmer weather. It has a fun, feminine design that is unique from most other hats and will make your outfit look special.

    Slouching Pink Posie Hat by 2 Yarn Obsessed

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    Black Cat Slouch Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Crochet black cat hat
    Persia Lou

    This cute crochet slouch hat looks like a kitty cat. Wear it as a Halloween costume or just anytime that you want to be both cute and warm. Made with chunky yarn, this is crochet cat pattern works up quickly.

    Black Cat Slouch Hat by Persia Lou