How to Knit a Slip-Stitch Rib

A slip-stitch rib

Sarah White

The slip-stitch rib is a great pattern to start with for knitters who want to learn to do a little more than just the basic knit and purl. It gives knitters a chance to practice slipping stitches which is an important technique for many intermediate and advanced knitting patterns. 

The Perfect Rib Pattern for Cozy Blankets and Sweaters

This pattern creates a nice large rib pattern that's great for a cozy sweater. This pattern also comes with the advantage of laying flatter than a basic rib stitch which is good for blankets and dish towels. 

While this pattern isn't reversible, each side looks different; it still creates a visually appealing texture on each side of the fabric. 

This stitch works on odd numbers of stitches.

Row one: Purl.

Row two: Knit one, *slip one with the yarn in front, knit one. Repeat from * to end.

Repeat these two rows for pattern.

Note: Slipping the stitch with the yarn in front means you move the yarn from the back to the front, as if to purl, then slip the stitch as if to purl, move the yarn back to the back of the work and knit the next stitch.

This makes a horizontal bar on the right side of the fabric, which adds an interesting texture to an otherwise basic rib.