How to Make Scrap 16-Patch Quilt Blocks

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    Making Scrap 16-Patch Quilt Blocks

    16-Patch Scrap Quilt Pattern

    This scrappy 16-patch quilt block pattern is the perfect project to start whenever you feel the urge to downsize your scrap bin.

    Each of the quilt blocks is made up of (16) 2" x 2" squares to form four patch blocks that finish at 6" x 6". The photo illustrates nine of the blocks arranged in three rows of three blocks each.

    See the bottom of this page for cutting instructions to make blocks of other sizes.

    This 16-patch quilt block pattern was originally used for a forum block swap. We think the color selections our forum members used works perfectly, but alter the color selections to suit your needs.

    Choose Fabrics

    You'll need sixteen 2" squares of 100-percent cotton, prewashed fabric for each quilt block:

    • Three squares should be black, either a solid or a black-on-black print
    • Avoid white or cream fabrics in the block; prints with a white or cream background will work fine
    • Try to use at least four fabrics in addition to the black
    • Your fabrics should be at least two different colors (it's not the best layout for monochromatic color schemes)

    The block (and the use of the black squares to tie it all together) was inspired by a forum member's setting for a batch of scrappy 16-patch swap blocks.

    These blocks finish at 6" square. Cut larger or smaller squares to make other block sizes, including:

    • 1" squares yield a 4" square finished block
    • 3" squares yield a 12" square finished block
    • 4" squares yield a 16" square finished block
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    Assemble the 16-Patch Quilt Blocks

    Assemble the Sixteen-Patch Quilt Blocks
    The Spruce / Janet Wickell

    Arrange 16 squares, making sure that no two patches of the same fabric are adjacent in the layout (placing them on the diagonal from each other is fine).

    Use the same black fabric in all blocks. It's fine to repeat any of the other fabrics you use, but try to make the fabric placement in each block unique.

    Press seam allowances in adjacent rows in opposite directions when possible to help you match seams when rows are joined.

    1. Arrange your 16 patches into four rows, each row with four squares (top left).
    2.  Sew the four squares in each corner four sections (top right).
    3. Sew the two top sections together. Sew the two lower sections together. Bottom left.
    4. Sew the upper section (with 8 squares) to the lower section (with 8 squares).
    5. Press. The quilt block should measure 6-1/2" x 6-1/2".

    You'll find more scrap quilt block examples in the steps below.

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    Examples of 16-Patch Quilt Blocks

    16-patch quilt block pattern

    Here's an example of five sixteen-patch quilt blocks that were made by Kate.

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    16-Patch Quilt Blocks by Little Deb

    sixteen patch quilt block pattern
    Little Deb

    Everyone's blocks have a different appearance ​because fabric selections differ. Even though looks vary, when sewn together, assorted sixteen-patch blocks will make a terrific scrap quilt.

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    16-Patch Quilt Block by Randi

    sixteen patch quilt block pattern
    Block by Randi
    Randi put her black squares in the corners of this pretty sixteen-patch block.