Simple Magic Card Tricks for Beginners

man with cards
Roman Maerzinger/Getty Images

If you want to pursue magic, you’ll want to learn some simple tricks. Here at Magic & Illusion, we explain lots of tricks that use everyday, common, household materials and require no complicated sleight-of-hand. We also offer clear, step-by-step instructions so you may quickly learn the tricks and perform them for your friends. These tricks have been specifically selected for beginners.

Here are some of our favorites from our library of easy, beginner tricks:

That Thumb Thing

Here's an age-old trick that you can do anytime, anywhere. In an instant, you seemingly pull your thumb apart and then put it back together again. If you’re an uncle or grandpa, you almost have to learn this trick to tease the kids. And if you want to truly torment a professional magician, show this trick and ask him if he knows how you did it.

The Jumping Paper Clips

This classic trick is great for young kids and just about every magician has played with it. In the effect, a pair of paper clips are attached to a dollar bill. After pulling the ends of the dollar bill, the paper clips link and jump from the dollar.

The "Impassable" Corks

In this effect, you hold two wine corks that are seemingly interlocked, and somehow pull the corks through each other. It’s a fast, visual trick that you can also perform with rolled dollar bills and other objects of roughly the same size as wine corks.

The Reversed Card

The spectator selects a card and places it back into the deck. After placing the deck behind your back and bringing it out again, the selected card is shown to have reversed itself in the deck.

The Nine- or 21-Card Trick

This well-known sequence allows a person to discover a spectator's card simply by dealing with cards. Simply follow the instructions. If you like, you may adapt this sequence to work with a pack of 21-cards.

The Jumping Rubberband

A rubber band mysteriously jumps from your pinkie and ring fingers to the first and middle fingers of the same hand and then back again. All you need is a rubber band.

Aces From Your Pocket

You mysteriously locate four aces from a shuffled deck. This one is easy to perform. All you need is a deck of cards and a jacket that has an inner pocket.

To view all of the easy magic tricks at Magic and Illusion, please visit our library. Check often because we add new tricks almost weekly.