Simple to Sew One Yard Apron with a Drawstring Waist and Patch Pockets

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    One Yard Apron Materials

    Front and Back View of a Completed One Yard Apron
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    To sew this simple apron you will need

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    Cutting Directions for a One Yard Apron

    Cutting Diagram for a One Yard Apron
    Debbie Colgrove

    Be sure your one yard of fabric has been cut squarely before you start.

    • Remove the selvages from the fabric and press it smooth.
    • Measure and mark as shown in the diagram. Cut on blue lines.
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    Hem the Sides of the Apron

    The Side Hems
    Debbie Colgrove
    • On the main body piece, stay stitch 1/4" from all edges.
    • Using the stay stitch line as a guide, turn and press the 1/4" to the wrong side, on all edges.
    • On the 27" edges, turn under 1" to enclose the raw edge.
    • Press the 1" hem in place.
    • Pin in place and stitch the hem by sewing as close to the 1/4" turned under edge as possible.
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    The Drawstring Casing

    Drawstring Casing
    Debbie Colgrove
    • On the top 45" edge, press under 3.5" to the wrong side.
    • Line up ends and pin in place.
    • Stitch the top in place by sewing as closely to the 1/4" stay stitched edge as possible.
    • Topstitch 2 1/8" from the first row of stitching to form the drawstring casing. 
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    The Hem

    Hem the Apron Body
    Debbie Colgrove
    • Turn under the 45" bottom edge 1 1/2".
    • Press well.
    • Line up the ends and pin in place.
    • Stitch in place by sewing as close to the turned under 1/4" edge as possible.
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    The Drawstring - Two 4.5" by 31" Strips

    Apron Drawstring
    Debbie Colgrove
    • Join two strips on a 4.5" edge using 1/2" seams.
    • Press the seam allowance to one side.
    • Fold strips lengthwise, right sides together, matching long edges and ends.
    • Sew the layers together by sewing 1/2" from the raw edge, leaving 4" in the center open for turning.
    • Trim the corners to eliminate bulk.
    • Turn right sides out.
    • Make sure to push the corners square.
    • Press under seam allowance at the area you left open for turning.
    • Press the entire drawstring.
    • Topstitch 1/4" from all edges, pivoting your stitching at the corners.
    • Use a safety pin to thread the drawstring through the casing.
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    The Pockets - Two 9" by 7" Pieces

    Apron Pocket
    Debbie Colgrove

    Prepare the Pockets

    • Stay stitch 1/4" from all edges.
    • Press under using 1/4" stitch line as a guide.
    • On the top edge of the pocket (a 7" edge) press under 1 1/2" for the pocket hem.
    • Stitch the hem in place by sewing as close to the 1/4" turned under edge as possible.
    • Repeat for the second pocket.

    Attaching Pockets to Apron Body

    • On apron body, measure 9" in from side edge and 6" up from the hemmed edge.
    • Place the pocket 6" from the bottom hemmed edge and 9" from the side edge.
    • Pin the pocket in place.
    • Stitching as close to the edges as possible, sew the pocket in place on all edges except the top hemmed edge.