Simple Single Patterns for Sashiko Embroidery

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    Small Sashiko Stitching Motifs

    Embroider Small Sashiko Designs
    Embroider Small Sashiko Designs. © Mollie Johanson, Licensed to

    When you think of sashiko embroidery, you most likely picture beautiful repeating patterns in geometric or tessellating designs. However, not all sashiko follows this style. Some pieces involve creating a large image or combining several smaller images. This free collection of patterns includes a butterfly, shell, blossom, bunny bread and cat, plus a frame that can be used on all of the motifs.

    These small patterns complement each other and would work well as a group. They are based on traditional Japanese imagery and motifs, but like other sashiko embroidery, they have a modern feeling as well.

    If you are looking to stitch something a little smaller (and requiring less time), these are also a good choice. They are perfect for adding to small sewing projects or even framed in a small hoop

    You could work each design with the frame around it, then use the embroidered pieces as quilt blocks. Or make a wall hanging with a grid of four frames with motifs inside.

    There are so many ways to put one, a few or all of these patterns to use!

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    Single Sashiko Embroidery Patterns

    Sashiko Single Motifs
    Mollie Johanson

    The single sashiko patterns are grouped onto one downloadable JPG. You can print it out as it is or use a photo editing software to resize or create a custom layout.

    Transfer the design using your favorite method, but be sure to use a transfer medium that will fade or can be washed away. This is because you'll transfer solid lines but will stitch dashed lines.

    Work the designs with sashiko stitch, which is a version of running stitch. The bunny break will also require french knots for the eyes. Alternately, you can use these patterns with your favorite standard embroidery stitches. 

    Usually sashiko is worked in a single color and that will work for these as well, but you might try working in more than one color or using a variegated thread. Sashiko thread comes in variegated colors, but if you have a hard time finding that perle cotton is a good option too.

    However you choose to stitch them, these patterns are sure to bring some relaxing and simple stitched style to whatever project you are making!

    These patterns are copyright Mollie Johanson and licensed to The Spruce Crafts. You may use them for all personal embroidery projects and for making small batches of items for sale.