10 Adorable Gardening Crafts for Kids

Painted ladybug rocks in a garden
Crafts by Amanda

Rain or shine, you'll love these adorable gardening crafts for kids. What better way to celebrate the beauty of nature and life and growth than with these colorful creations that you can put in and around your garden? Read on for garden craft ideas that you'll love making with your kids.

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    Fingerprint Carrots

    Carrot craft project

    These colorful carrots from Sassydealz look deliciously delectable and are a blast to make. If you want, you can even add some bunnies with some brown paint (someone has to eat these yummy carrots). Yeah, it'll be a bit messy, but that's what wet wipes are for!

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    Thumbprint Flowerpots

    Thumbprint painted flower pots
    Mom Always Finds Out

    Here's another idea that makes great use of the cute prints kids' fingers make: decorating flowerpots. Mom Always Finds Out has the instructions and all you need are a few simple materials such as terra-cotta flowerpots, acrylic paint in a variety of bright colors, and a black marker. Oh, and of course, little thumbs dipped in paint! You can make butterflies, ladybugs, or whatever else you and your child can think of to decorate ordinary flowerpots and transform them into pretty plant holders!

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    Ladybug Painted Rocks

    Ladybug painted rocks
    Crafts by Amanda

    To make Crafts by Amanda's cheery ladybugs, you'll need some patio paint, smooth rocks, and a few other simple materials. When you're done, you can place these adorable little ladybugs all around your garden to add some beautiful spots of color and complement your flowers. You can even bring some indoors and place near houseplants, or wherever you want pretty bursts of color around the house!

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    Garden Rock Caterpillar

    Painted rock caterpillar
    The Nellie Bellie Kitchen

    Another cute garden craft idea that uses painted rocks is to make a caterpillar out of the rocks. All you have to do is paint each rock a pretty color and then line them up to make a caterpillar. Add a cute face and antennas to the head, and voila! You get an adorable caterpillar you can put in your garden or windowsill. This craft from The Nellie Bellie Kitchen is a brilliant idea!

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    Painted Rock Cactus Plants

    Cactus painted rocks
    Salt and Pepper Moms

    Want more ways to use painted rocks to make a garden craft? You can mimic this pretty and clever idea from Salt and Pepper Moms with only some rocks, craft paint in shades of green and white, and small flower pots. These cute mini "cactus plants" that are fun and easy to make, inexpensive, and free of needles that can prick little fingers. It's a wonderful craft for kids!

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    Owl Bird Feeder

    Owl bird feeder
    Red Ted Art

    With this tutorial from Red Ted Art, transform an ordinary juice or milk carton into a charming bird feeder to hang in your garden. Once adults make the cuts in the sides to make the wings and make a cut in the tummy (where the birds will be able to poke their heads in to enjoy their feast), kids can help paint and decorate the bird feeder. Make several and hang them in the garden. Then, you can sit back and birdwatch as your fine feathered friends come to enjoy the delicious bird feed.

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    Garden Dragonflies

    Garden dragonflies
    Artzy Creations

    These charming dragonflies from Artzy Creations are made with nothing more than plastic spoons and transparencies that have been colored with markers. How fun and easy! Make a bunch to hang around the garden, or let kids play with them and pretend they're flying around the backyard.

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    Felt Garden Markers

    Felt vegetables
    Premeditated Leftovers

    What better way to mark your vegetable garden than with these fetching felt markers that you can make with kids? Just cut out colorful felt in vegetable shapes and use a hot glue gun (which should only be handled by a grown-up) to affix the felt veggies to the craft sticks. This craft from Premeditated Leftovers is pretty and useful, too!

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    Colorful suncatcher craft
    Kids' Craft Room

    Hang these pretty suncatchers around the garden and you'll love the way they catch the light and add a lovely touch of luminous color. These beautiful suncatchers from Kids' Craft Room are made with nothing more than clear lids or paper plates, glue, and tissue paper in vibrant colors. Gorgeous!

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    Flower Panels

    Flower panel craft

    Krokotak has a cute idea to display and preserve the pretty flowers you pick from your garden. Cut out frames from cardboard and arrange flowers between sheets of plastic. Kids will love picking the flowers and arranging them for display. Have them pick a variety of flowers in different sizes and colors to make each frame interesting. It's a great way to encourage kids to learn about different types of flowers, practice their artistic skills, and make something they can be proud of.