14 Simple DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

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    Easy and Clever Thanksgiving Centerpieces

    Thanksgiving Placemat
    Ella Claire Inspired

    After you have planned your Thanksgiving Menu, it might be time to start considering table decor. A beautiful turkey looks even better next some sweet Thanksgiving centerpieces. Creating centerpieces is a wonderful activity to keep children busy while your focus is on making the main meal. If centerpieces are your jam, keep the crafty activity all to yourself and do some decor preparation in advance. We have uncovered some of the most fun and easiest DIY's for Thanksgiving decor to add some cheer to your holiday table. Beyond centerpieces there are many fun and clever ways to spruce up your table decor this holiday.Thanksgiving centerpieces and table settings are a wonderful conversation starter for guests who are getting to know one another. They are also perfect for helping set the tone and to create a warm, welcoming environment for all Thanksgiving guests.

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    Gourd Candle Holders

    Tapered Candle Holder
    Snippet and Ink

    Candles are a lovely addition to any gathering table scape. It's not a surprise that holiday spice scents create an enticing aroma surrounding that Thanksgiving feast. The warm glow from a table of holiday candles is relaxing and an inviting. Tapered candle sticks are a classic holiday look updated with this clever and chic gourd update. Use those sweet, mini pumpkins you can find at your local farmer's stand for a gorgeous table scape for guests. If your family eats on the early side save the candles for evening wine or dessert.

    DIY Gourd Tapered Candle Holder for Thanksgiving from Snippet and Ink

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    Rosemary Wreath Place Cards

    Rosemary Wreath Place Cards
    Spoon Fork Bacon

    Rosemary wreath place cards are an adorable addition to a Thanksgiving table scape. Place cards might feel formal if you are planning to celebrate the holidays with loved ones that you are already familiar. For work parties, friends gatherings or an organized group event might be a wonderful time to use this crafty DIY. They will be helpful in introducing guests to one another and making connections within a group. If you have the time these cute place cards can be helpful in avoiding dramatic family situations if you feel there might be tension. Either way they are adorable!

    Rosemary Wreath Place Cards from Spoon Fork Bacon

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    Thankful for Place Settings

    Thanksgiving Placema
    Ella Claire Inspired

    Thanksgiving placemats are a great first step in holiday decor. Creating placemats where guests can express their thanks serves as a simple ice breaking activity for guests just getting acquainted with one another. Writing anything on the placemat can serve as a friendly reminder of why to be thankful around the holidays. It can also be a gentle nudge to your neighbor to share thanks or help children around the table understand the importance of this special holiday to be with friends and family. Speaking of friends, 'Friendsgivings' are an perfect opportunity to bring out the I Am Thankful For placemats. There are countless reasons to thankful this year so why not take the chance to share one with everyone at the table.

    Autumn Tablescape Free Printable from Ella Claire Inspired

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    Give Thanks Burlap Placemats

    Thanksgiving Table Settings

    Burlap bags are a fun surface to explore ways to give thanks. You just need some acrylic paint and placemat size cutouts to experiment with. Use the placemat sized burlap cutouts alone for some texture to your thanksgiving table or add some text for visual interest. Burlap bags also make a wonderful table runner if you find a bag the right size. If you need a longer runner, just combine two pieces of long burlap. This resource is versatile so use your imagination when utilizes this holiday decor.

    Simple Thanksgiving Placemats from Frugal Mom Eh

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    Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

    Mini Pumpkins
    Ella Claire Inspired

    Can you tell we love a mini pumpkin DIY? Mini pumpkins or interesting shaped gourds are the most fun to experiment with. They often need little to no additional work and add so much to your holiday table scape. If you have some time try painting your gourds an off white with some sweet autumnal floral additions for a delightful table scape option.

    Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces from Ella Claire Inspired

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    Actual Fall Leaf Placemat

    Actual Fall Leaf Place Setting

    Natural decor ideas often surround us right outside our door. From pinecones, twigs and acorns there are options to adorn your home with holiday cheer without spending a dime. The rich browns, crimson, yellow and oranges of actual fall leaves is a welcomed signifier of the holiday season and a beautiful addition to your holiday table scape. Take a moment before the menu planning madness to take a walk outside and pick some of the gorgeous bounty that fall has to offer to create actual fall leaf placements

    D​IY Fall Leaf Place Setting from Rustic Wedding Chic

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    Bloom Filled Gourds

    DIY Pumpkin Flower Vases
    Chic Vintage Brides

    When in doubt turn to gourds for seasonal inspiration. Not only does this magnificent produce contribute to many of the favorite dishes on the table but it also serves an important role as decor. In addition to mini gourds being pretty, little centerpiece options they also make an adorable vessel for your holiday bouquets. If there is a florist in the family let them work their magic with a holiday arrangements with rich, warm colors to celebrate the holiday.

    DIY Painted Pumpkins from Chic Vintage Brides

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    Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholder

    Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholders
    Oh So Beautiful Paper

    A short walk outside in some nearby woodlands one can collect pinecones of all shapes and sizes to create mini pinecone wreath place holders for each setting at your holiday table. Your local craft store would also have the supplies you need to complete this holiday DIY.

    D​IY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholder from Oh So Beautiful Paper

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    Thanksgiving Placemat

    For the traditionalists we have a no - sew Thanksgiving scene placemat and napkin ring idea. This bright and colorful turkey placemat is a great compliment to its pilgrim napkin holder companion. Children around the table will love this idea for its bold look and adults will be able to share the story of the first Thanksgiving with visuals.

    No-Sew Thanksgiving Placemat and Napkin Ring from Bloglovin

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    Pear Turkeys

    Pear Turkeys
    Crafts Unleashed

    This one is definitely great for the kids. While your bustling in the kitchen it's imperative to have a low effort craft available to keep the little ones busy while your prep for a big meal. Stock up on loads of pears from your local supermarket, have the kids choose their favorite colored leaves outside of the house and quickly demonstrate how to make a sweet little pear turkey. Your little helpers can make one turkey for each place setting or they can just farm a gaggle of turkeys for their own enjoyment pre-meal.

    Pear Turkey from Crafts Unleashed

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    Custom Wire Name Tags

    Custome Wire Name Tags
    Hostess With The Mostess

    A little wire can go a long way. These custom gold wire name tags add a little bit of sparkle to your Thanksgiving spread. Again name cards are not always necessary for family members but they do create a special little memento for guests to reminder the day for years to come. 

    Modern Glam Thanksgiving Wire Name Tags from Hostess With the Mostess

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    Washi Tape Pinecone Turkeys

    Washi Tape Turkey
    Craftaholics Anonymous

    Washi tape adds a serious adorable factor to your standard pinecone turkey. Another fun project for the kids, these little guys look the cutest at each seat at the table. They are also a great party favor for everyone to take home post feast. Children will love the extra color and design the Washi tape adds to their craft. You can never have enough turkeys on the table come Thanksgiving.

    Washi Tape Pinecone Turkeys from Craftaholics Anonymous

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    Thanksgiving Coloring Placemats

    Thanksgiving Placemats
    Ella Claire Inspired

    Coloring has recently been noted to have therapeutic qualities. With all the madness of the holidays why not offer adults and children alike some relief. A Thanksgiving coloring placemat at each seat is a fun and relaxing way to ease into your holiday meal. Having a coloring mat and crayons at each seat also might offer some assistance in pacing guests through their plate.

    Thanksgiving Coloring Placemat from Ella Claire Inspired

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    A Modern Cornucopia

    Cutting Board

    A traditional cornucopia can feel stuffy and contrived. Why not try a fresh a modern update with a medley of fruits, vegetables, branches, pumpkins and other items from this list.

    Modern Cornucopia from Minted