Showcase Your Plants With These 16 DIY Pots

diy flower pot ideas
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These affordable flower pot ideas are fun and easy to DIY. From painted terracotta pots to recycled household items transformed into plant vessels, there is an idea here for everyone.

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    DIY Striped Terracotta Pots

    diy painted terracotta pots
    Caylin Harris

    This simple DIY is super chic and you don't have to be artistic to pull it off! Use rubber bands and painters tape to create perfectly straight lines and stick to a minimal color palette for a coordinating look that would look great anywhere in your home.

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    DIY Dot Terracotta Pot

    DIY Dot Plant Pot
    DIY dot plant pot. Passion Shake

    Add some pattern to your living space by updating a terracotta pot by painting the pot with acrylic paint and adding dots using a permanent black marker.

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    DIY Mini Flower Garden Pots

    Plants in colorful planters
    Marie Lebaron

    These adorable mini planters are perfect to make with your kids. Decorative tape and permanent markers go a long way here with a little bit of creativity.

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    DIY Stone Tiles Garden Planter

    DIY Stone Tiles Planter
    DIY stone tiles planter. A Thousand Threads

    Adding large granite or marble planters to your home or patio often is an expensive purchase, but you can easily create your own stone planter by taking 5 square stone tiles used for walkways or patios and caulk the sides together to create your own DIY stone planter.

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    DIY Flower Box Planter

    DIY Flower Box Planter
    DIY flower box planter. Yellow Brick Home

    Add some flowering plants or fresh herbs to the railing of your deck by building your own flower box out of 4′ x 8′ plywood that you can attach to the side of your deck.

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    DIY Mosaic Tile Planter

    DIY Mosaic Tile Planter
    DIY mosaic tile planter. Centsational Girl

    Transform your wooden flower box planter by staining adding glass tiles to the exterior to give the planter a fresh new look. 

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    DIY Marble Planter

    DIY Marble Planter
    DIY marble planter. A Bubbly Life

    This DIY marble planter looks so expensive yet it is actually very affordable to make as it uses marble contact paper to cover the exterior to give a pot a fresh new look.

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    DIY Ombre Pot

    DIY Ombre Plant Pot
    DIY ombre plant pot. A Bird's Leap

    Ombre is still holding strong as a popular design trend, and one easy way to incorporate this look into your home is by making a DIY ombre plant pot. To create your own ombre pot take any pot and paint the entire pot a light color. Once the paint dries, flip the pot over and use a darker color of spray paint to spray the bottom of the pot to create an ombre finish.

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    DIY Ikat Plant Pot

    DIY Ikat Plant Pot
    DIY Ikat plant pot. Kate Bello

    Grab a paintbrush and your favorite color of craft paint to update your terracotta pot by freehand painting an ikat design. It is easier than you might expect to do as you are simply painting diamonds increasing in size to create the design.

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    DIY Herringbone Plant Pot

    DIY Herringbone Plant Pot
    DIY herringbone plant pot. Sparkle Living

    Break out the painter's tape and use it to mask a herringbone pattern on a plant pot, then paint over the remaining exposed areas of the pot to create your own herringbone planter. 

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    DIY Clay House Pot

    DIY Clay House Pot
    DIY clay house pot. Say Yes

    Express your creativity by hand sculpting a non-typical plant pot shape, such as the clay houses pictured here using oven bake clay that creates a stunning pot you cannot find in stores.

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    DIY Recycled Can Herb Pot

    DIY Recycled Can Herb Pot
    DIY recycled can herb pot. Homey Oh My

    Go ahead and make a few of these recycled can herb pots and get started on your own herb garden to use for cooking. Recycled your food cans by cleaning them out and painting them with spray paint to change the exterior color, and add a chalkboard label on the front to write down the herb growing inside. 

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    DIY Neon Pot

    DIY Neon Pot
    DIY neon pot. Unusually Lovely

    Add a punch of color to your space with a bright neon pot that you can make in minutes by painting the lower half of a terracotta pot.

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    DIY Scallop Patterned Planter

    DIY Scallop Patterned Planter
    DIY scallop patterned planter.

    Make and Tell

    Break out your office supplies, as you will need round sticker labels cut in half to create the scallop pattern on this cute planter. 

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    DIY Outdoor Planter

    DIY Outdoor Planter
    DIY outdoor planter. Centsational Girl

    Build two of these gorgeous outdoor plants to flank either side of your front door to enhance your home's curb appeal.

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    DIY White And Copper Succulent Planters

    DIY White And Copper Succulent Planters
    DIY white and copper succulent planters. Homey Oh My

    Jazz up your bland glass vases by spray painting them white and adding copper foil lines to create a beautiful planter perfect for small succulents.