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The shell stitch has been a popular crochet stitch for well over a hundred years, and it's still going strong. There are all kinds of things you can construct using shell stitches, but borders, edgings, and trims top the list as being some of the most popular things to make with them.

Why are shell stitch borders so popular, you might ask? Well, the simplest of the shell borders are quick to crochet, and they're super easy; many of them are beginner-friendly. Also, the shell stitch is well-suited to making pretty scalloped designs, so it's a no-brainer to use shells as trims and edgings.

If you'd like to find free patterns for crocheting shell borders, this page is a great place to find them.

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    Half Double Crochet Shell Border With Corner Instructions

    Half Double Crochet Shell Stitch Edging With Corner and Surface Crochet Slip Stitches
    Half Double Crochet Shell Stitch Edging With Corner and Surface Crochet Slip Stitches. Half Double Crochet Shell Stitch Edging With Corner & Surface Crochet. Photo © Amy Solovay

    The instructions for this edging include several different options for working corners and adding colors. If you work from one of the versions featuring corners, as pictured, the pattern works well for finishing off blankets, pillows, dishcloths, and other square or rectangular projects.

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    Two-Color Treble Crochet Shell Stitch Edging Pattern

    Two-Color Treble Crochet Shell Stitch Edging
    Two-Color Treble Crochet Shell Stitch Edging. Two-Color Treble Crochet Shell Stitch Edging -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    The shells in this edging are worked using treble crochet, and as a result, they are taller than usual. Also, this edging is crocheted using two different yarn colors so that the shells appear to alternate. This makes an eye-catching edging for ​baby blankets, afghans, pillows, and just about any other type of project where you might want to add a pretty scalloped border around the edge.

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