12 Shawl and Wrap Knitting Patterns

Roma Shawl Pattern
Gale Zucker

Shawls have made a comeback as a knitting project that is both enjoyable to make and to wear. With these shawl knitting patterns, you can make stylish and useful accessories in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Although you may think of shawls draped over shoulders, perhaps paired with a rocking chair, they look great in a new and modern way. Especially when worn wrapped like a scarf or draped more on one shoulder than the other.

This pattern list includes triangles, rectangles, crescents, asymmetrical designs, and a mixture of all those things. And the sizes range from small shawlettes to oversized wraps.

Find your favorite style and get ready to cast on!

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    Striped and Lace Crescent Shawl

    Xenia Shawl Knitting Pattern

    Cody Smith

    With a style that works for both casual and dressed up occasions, the Xenia shawl combines simple stockinette with a few contrasting rows and some beautiful lace. The pattern includes instructions for working in one or two colors so you can choose if you want the striping or something simpler.

    Xenia Shawl Knitting Pattern, $7, Vanessa Smith Designs on Ravelry

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    Skoosh! Triangle Shawl Pattern

    Skoosh Shawl Pattern

    Shuttermonkey Designs

    This free pattern starts at the top center, then works its way down to create a triangle. The name "Skoosh!" means "something very easy" in Scottish, making it perfect for beginners. It's also worked with Aran weight yarn so it knits up quickly and will keep you warm and cozy.

    Skoosh! Shawl Pattern from LoveKnitting

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    Lightweight Wrap Pattern

    Abbott Scarf-Style Shawl

    Berroco Yarn

    Grab some gorgeous yarn and knit up this soft shawl that's perfect for all seasons. Berroco Yarn shares this free pattern with a recommendation for their alpaca blend yarn for a drape you'll love. And with the rectangular shape, you can wear this wrapped around your shoulders or looped around your neck like a scarf.

    Abbott Shawl Pattern from Berroco

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    Single Skein Shawlette Pattern

    Pear Sorbet Shawl

    Marly Bird

    When you have a special skein of yarn, but only one, a shawlette is a great option. It's smaller than most shawls, but still fun to wear. This beautiful free pattern from Marly Birdincludes both charts and written instructions for the lace section at the back.

    Pear Sorbet Shawlette Pattern from Marly Bird

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    Oversized Wrap-Style Shawl Knitting Pattern

    Merlot Alpaca Wrap Shawl

    Mama in a Stitch

    This shawl is practically a blanket, making it perfect to wear with your favorite jeans and t-shirt. It's also a helpful piece to wear in a cool movie theater, and it will keep you cozy as you knit. If the oversized style is a bit much for you, Jessica from Mama in a Stitch also has a smaller, similar pattern for a scarf.

    Merlot Alpaca Wrap Shawl Pattern from Mama in a Stitch

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    Asymmetrical Wrap Knitting Pattern

    Walls (Circus) Shawl Pattern

    Sweaterfreak Knits

    There's something beautiful about colors fading into each other, and this shawl helps you create that ombré effect. Color fade shawls are a popular knit, and this one takes the fade and works it over a rectangular shawl with pointed ends. It's also asymmetrical, with some lace sections and shaping that make it interesting to knit.

    Walls (Circus) Shawl Pattern, $6, Sweaterfreak Knits on Ravelry

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    Two-Color Lace-Trimmed Triangle Shawl

    Roma Shawl Pattern

    Gale Zucker

    Similar to a color fade shawl, this pattern uses just two colors of yarn but works them in a way that creates a third color. The top-down triangle shawl starts with a solid color lace section, changes to alternating rows of garter stitch in two colors, then ends with a lace section in the second color. Of course, you can work this in your own color choices, but there's something magical about this blending.

    Roma Shawl Pattern, $6, Kristen Kapur on Ravelry

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    Right Angle Triangle Shawl Pattern

    Sixth Degree Shawl Pattern

    Heidi Gustad

    What started as an experiment in knitting geometry turned into a modern shawl with fantastic texture. The size is generous without becoming too big to handle, and a chain edging that you work along with the rest of the knitting hides all the increases.

    Sixth Degree Shawl Pattern from Hands Occupied

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    Crescent Lace Shawl in Three Sizes

    Pebble Beach Shawl

    Helen Stewart

    Many shawl patterns make it easy to adjust the size a little by stopping early or adding a few sections, but unless you understand the math, the results vary. Helen Stewart solves that and provides you with three sizes in one pattern: shawlette, medium, and large. Why not knit one of each?

    Pebble Beach Shawl, $6, Helen Stewart on Ravelry

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    Nursing Shawl Knitting Pattern

    Emilia's Nursing Shawl

    Katrina Walser

    This shawl isn't just for staying warm and looking good; it also keeps you covered while nursing. A button in one corner lets you wrap the shawl and keep it in place, buttoning into any of the yarn overs in the lace. That same buttoning feature can lead to lots of ways to style it for everyday wear.

    Emilia's Nursing Shawl from Stitch & Hustle

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    Lace-Edged Crescent Shawl Pattern

    The Juniper Shawl

    Knifty Knittings

    Knifty Knittings offers this free pattern for a shawl with a traditional feel. The Juniper Shawl has a crescent shape that's worked in stockinette and a leaf and berry motif lace edge. Knit one for yourself or as a gift for a special someone.

    The Juniper Shawl from Knifty Knittings

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    Lacy Bottom-Up Shawl Knitting Pattern

    Vane Shawl Pattern

    Biscotte Yarns

    The Vane Shawl has the laciest look of all the shawls in this list and that's due to both the large lace edge and the light and airy yarn. It looks delicate, making this a good choice to wear with formal wear or even as a bridal accessory.

    Vane Shawl Pattern from Biscotte Yarns