All About Sewing Your Own Flags

All the Information and Free directions You Need to Sew Your Own Flag

Sewing your own flag is a rewarding experience. Learn the basics of sewing your own flags, learn to be expressive, sew your own family heirloom flag or learn about Betsy Ross and why she became famous for her flag sewing achievements.

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    Sew an American Flag

    Woman carrying american flag
    Adamkaz / Getty Images

    Have you ever thought of making your own American flag? Follow these free directions and sew an American Flag that will be a family heirloom.

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    Sew a Yard Flag

    Welcome spring flag

    This flag features a Welcome Spring theme but once you understand how it's made you can create your own design to convey any message.

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    A Pictorial Visit to the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia PA.

    Betsy Ross House
    Peter Gridley / Getty Images

    Learn about Betsy Ross, how she came to make the Stars and Stripes and visit her house in Philadelphia PA, through the pictures and information provided by your guide.