5 Gifts for Sewing Enthusiasts

If you have sewing experience, it's easy to choose a sewing gift for someone who loves to sew. If you've never even threaded a needle, however, it's a different story. However, it's incredibly thoughtful to purchase a gift that's specific to someone's hobby, rather than picking up something generic.

Take your time, learn a bit while you browse, and make an educated gift choice for someone who loves to sew. With a little bit of effort, you'll be able to buy a gift that will be treasured and used regularly.

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    Ultra-Sharp Scissors

    Sewing Scissors
    Sewing Scissors for Fabric. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

    Anyone who sews will immediately agree that sharp and accurate cutting tools are essential to hassle-free sewing. While a standard pair of fabric scissors makes for a general all-purpose option—and who doesn't need a back-up pair?—you can also pick a pair of specialized scissors for certain projects. For example, someone just getting into quilting will likely appreciate quilting snips, while a person who's experimenting with embroidery will find a pair of embroidery scissors to be useful.

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    A Brand-New Sewing Machine

    Close-up of fashion designer threading sewing machine
    Igor Ustynskyy / Getty Images

    Whether it's time to give someone their own machine after borrowing one or a veteran sewer is ready for an upgrade, a brand-new sewing machine is an exciting generous gift. If you're not a sewer yourself, it's not easy to pick out the right machine. However, going with a top-rated brand that's been reviewed by sewing experts is never a bad idea.

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    Informational Sewing Books

    Coffee Reading
    Coffee Reading. Clipart.com

    No one is too advanced in a hobby to learn even more from a well-written book. Whether your loved one is new to sewing and still needs to pick up the basics or a long-time sewer ready to take their projects to a new level, an informational book is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to learn about their favorite hobbies.

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    New Fabric

    fabric aisle
    Bolts of upholstery fabric in an aisle. 1joe/Getty Images

    New fabric for a sewer is like giving candy to a child—it's incredibly exciting! They'll be itching to start using the fabric in new projects. If possible, ask the giftee what their preferred type of fabric to sew with is or if they're short on any colors. If that's not possible, you can't go wrong with a variety of high-quality solid colors (or those with small, versatile prints like polka dots or stripes).

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    Irons and Ironing Board

    Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron
    Courtesy of Amazon.com.

    Garment sewers find irons to be incredibly useful, and there's a wide variety of options out there to be purchased as gifts. If your favorite sewer already has a full-sized steam iron and ironing board, consider purchasing a mini iron or ironing board, which are noted for their helpfulness.

    Whether you're purchasing a full-sized or mini iron, looking for one that heats up quickly and doesn't have an auto shut-off. Sewers often like to have an iron at the ready while working on a project rather than having to turn one on and off all the time.