Pillows for Cancer Patients

Any sewing skill level can contribute to some kind of sewing charity need and make a difference in a world that relies on us helping each other in times of need. Browse the various opportunities and find a charity project that matches your sewing skills and will give comfort to someone who is fighting cancer, allowing you to help others while doing something you enjoy.

Once you tackle blankets and pillows, consider branching out to these chemo hat projects.

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    Case for Smiles — Cancer Pillowcases (Formerly ConKerr Cancer)

    Case for Smilies

    Debbie Colgrove

    Case for Smiles is a must visit. Their mission is "To make life brighter for children with ​life-changing illnesses and injuries." It's amazing the smiles a simple to sew pillowcase can create for a child with this devastating illness!  Browse their site to learn how a "magic pillowcase" can make a difference.

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    Chemotherapy Turbans

    Sewing.org Chemotherapy Turbans


    Sewing.org offers a great page of directions to sew chemotherapy turbans in various sizes for any size chemo patient. Their experience at sewing in a group has streamlined their process making it a great site to follow and to share with your friend. This would be a great sew-along or groups sewing project!

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    Project Linus

    Project Linus


    Project Linus works to supply blankets, made by volunteer “blanketeers”, to any child who has been traumatized by medical or other causes. They have distributed over three million blankets to children in need since their inception in 1995 and no end is in sight.

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    Dignity Robes for Breast Cancer Patients

    Dignity Robes


    This page is for local groups but there is contact information so you may want to consider this project for your sewing group.