Sewing Basics

Follow our sewing tips to master the basics, from beginner stitches and sewing machine tutorials to learning how to mend torn clothing and sew on buttons.
Sewing denim jeans with sewing machine. Repair jeans by sewing machine.
Learn How to Sew Straight Lines on Your Sewing Machine
How to Hand Sew With Back Stitch
Basic Techniques and Stitches for Hand Sewing
Dart marked out with basting stitch, on pink fabric, close up
How to Sew a Basting Stitch
Women looking at fabric on a table
Get Familiar with the Definitions of Pattern Symbols in Sewing
How to Sew Catch Stitch
Learn How to Sew Catch Stitch
Sewing machine and female hands of close up view. Young dressmaker sew and working with cloth in design studio. Small business
Tips and Tricks, Dos and Don'ts of Sewing Knits and Stretchy Fabric
Stitching Felt Pieces
Join Fabrics Together Without a Needle and Thread
Sewing needle and colored threads
See How Cheap Thread Can Gum Up Your Sewing Machine
Sewing machine
Everything You Need to Sew a Perfect Seam
Close-up of fashion designer threading sewing machine
Fast and Simple Fixes for Sewing Machine Problems
Preparing to attach waistband, anchoring the tag with fusible web
Learn About Fusible Web and How to Use It in Your Sewing Projects
Person sewing on a machine
What Is Seam Allowance?
Synthetic leather color swatches
Learn Tricks to Sewing Pleather
Brown yarn
Make Your Own Natural Brown Dye for Fabric
Blue petals
Make Your Own Organic Blue Fabric Dyes
Purple and pink yarn
Learn How to Make Natural Purple Dye
illustration of plants used for making natural red dyes
Make Your Own Natural Red Fabric Dye
soft wool for sale balls in wool and fabric store
Learn How to Make Organic Orange Dye From Plants
Black yarn
Make Your Own Organic Natural Black Dye
green yarn
Go Green! Make Your Own Organic Natural Green Dyes
Close-Up Of Pink Rose Petals And Ivy On Table At Wedding Reception
Make Your Own Organic Natural Pink Dye from Plants
raw material for yewllow color natural dye
Make Your Own Organic Natural Yellow Dye
Woman using sewing machine on table, close up, mid section
Stay Stitching Is One Step You Don't Want to Skip
Cream colored cotton fabric gathered by elastic creating ruffled patterns
What Technique to Gather Fabric Should You Use?
Fix Skipping Stitches
Use These Solutions for Sewing Machines That Skip Stitches
Deep blue satin cloth
Solutions for Sewing Slippery Sliding Fabric
man sewing
Master Sewing Vinyl Fabric With These Tips and Tricks
Blue and white spotted bias binding on spool with pins
The Nitty Gritty About Bias Tape
Blank envelope and clothing patterns
How to Track Down a Discontinued Sewing Pattern
Sewing machine on table in front of window
Adjusting Tension on a Sewing Machine
Close-up of fashion designer threading sewing machine
6 Easy Fixes for Common Sewing Machine Problems
how to fix tangled bobbin thread
How to Fix That Tangled Nest of Bobbin Thread Under Your Sewing
Blue thread spool wrapped around sewing machine bobbin
Winding Thread Properly on a Bobbin Is an Important Part of Sewing
Directly Above Shot Of Sewing Items On Table
Choosing Thread Color: Color, Types of Thread, and Fibers Count.
Sewing machine and sewing supplies abstract illustration
Learn to Sew One Step at a Time
chloe and olive pillows
Sew Perfect Corners With These Tips and Tricks
Sewing Machine Stitches - Decorative Stitching
Sewing Machine Stitches: Which Stitch to Use and When
microwaveable bowl holders
How to Sew Microwaveable Bowl Potholders
Close up of frayed fabric.
How to Handle Fraying Fabric That Is Falling Apart
Fashion designer working with sewing machine in her studio
The 10 Best Places to Buy Fabric Online of 2022
Can't Find the Button Colors You Want? Dye Them Yourself
Sewing Machines: What Is a Serger?
fabric conversion chart
What to Buy When the Fabric is a Different Width
Photo comp of sewing machine
The 7 Best Online Sewing Classes of 2022
dye with plants
Learn How to Dye Fabric With Natural Dyes
Close-up view of women sewing
Create a Zigzag Stitch with This Tutorial
Darning sock
Slideshow of a Sock Darning Tutorial
Man wearing sweater with holes
How to Fix Holes in a Sweater
A purple dress hanging on a door
How to Take in a Dress
How to Fix a Broken Zipper
Learn How to Make Do and Mend a Broken Zipper!
Scouts parade
Place and Sew Your Hard-Earned Girl Scout Badges
A blue blouse, scissors, and a threaded needle
How to Hand Sew a Seam That Has Ripped
Seam ripper to fix lining
Here's How to Mend a Torn Lining and Save a Pricey Piece of Clothing
A dress hanging on a door
How to Let out a Dress to Make It Bigger
Pleated skirt
Learn How to Alter a Dress with These 7 Tutorials for the Perfect Fit
Adjusting pants hem
8 Need-to-Know Clothing Fixes
Samples of Hand-Sewn Overcast Stitch
How to Hand Sew With Overcast Stitch
How to Hem a Skirt With Ribbon
How to Hem a Skirt or Dress for a More Consistent (and Prettier) Hem Line
Shirt armpit hole
Fix a Ripped Armpit in Minutes With This Quick Tutorial
Denim zipper
Here's How to Fix a Zipper That Won't Stay Up