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Cutting Table with Storage

Drawers help organization
Drawers Help Organization. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

If you've read Save Money by Sewing you know the tricks I use to gather almost all of my sewing supplies.

While I was organizing and creating my new sewing space, one of my goals was to keep everything in the new sewing room. No more taking large cutting jobs to the kitchen table or living room floor would have to be achieved!

I scoured many options. Knowing I'm a klutz by nature I wanted a cutting table that offered extreme stability. While moving my mess from the old room I was also determined to maximize storage possibilities.

The Sew Essentials Ultimate Quilting Center fits exactly what I need. The Cutting surface folds down for storage but even folded offers enough cutting surface for many projects. It is also wide enough for 60" wide fabric. While the table is folded it takes a 26" by 31 1/2" space. The wheels allow the table to roll to the middle of the room and the extensions unfolded for large cutting jobs.

One side of the bottom area of the cabinet is shelving while the other side is drawers. One drawer is even accompanied by dividers which really help keep various cutting tools from sliding around and makes them easy to find.

As well as having the built in storage options the table comes with a pressing pad that hangs inside the door. A slide out provides a trash bag holder that is convenient and will hopefully keep the scraps off the floor.

I have not found this table on but have seen it in local Joann Stores. The box is VERY heavy and requires two people to move the box. Assembly is not difficult if you take your time and follow the directions for each step. All tools needed except for a Philips screwdriver are supplied in the box.

If you are signed up for Joann flyer's you can catch coupon to help finance the purchase.

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