How to Sew Elf Costume Shoes

Elf shoes
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    Materials List:

    Elf Costume Shoes
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Elf shoes make a great costume for many holidays or school plays but they are also great fun for dress up playtime and help spur the imagination into fun places. Use this free pattern to make elf shoes for pageants or for dress up and watch the smiles!

    Materials You'll Need

    • Printout of the following pattern pieces
      • Elf Shoe Sole Piece #1
      • Elf Shoe Sole Piece #2
      • Large Toe Pattern Piece
      • Medium Toe Pattern Piece
      • Small Toe Pattern Piece
      • Heel Pattern Piece (all sizes)
    • Felt fabric available by the yard at...MORE fabric stores and in various size sheets at craft and big box stores. Be sure the sheet is large enough for the pattern pieces you will be using before buying sheets of felt.
    • Quality thread that will help prevent sewing machine problems and enable you to sew reliable seams in a color to match your fabric
    • Optional: Fabric paint or no-slip fabric for the soles. Although this is optional, please consider safety! Kids love to slide on the floor and it's all fun until someone gets hurt!
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    Prepare the Patterns

    Preparing the Elf Shoe Free Pattern
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    The pattern prints in multiple sizes. You will need to choose the size patterns you will be using.

    • Tape together the sole pieces as directed on the pattern pieces and shown in the photo.
    • Tape the chosen toe size with the heel, lining up the lines as directed on the pattern pieces and shown in the photo.

    Note: The photo shows all sizes taped as a guide. You will not need to print or tape all of the sizes unless you are making the elf shoes in all of the sizes.

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    Cutting and Marking Instructions

    Cutting and Marking instructions
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Cutting out the Felt 

    Felt does not have a right or wrong side but it is best to have your "right side" cut the same on all of the pieces in case of a variation in the production of the felt. Felt also does not have any grain lines so you can "squeeze" the pieces together with almost no wasted fabric.

    • Pin the toe/heel piece on the felt and cut out four of the toe/heel pieces.
    • Pin the sole piece on the felt and cut out two of the sole pieces.
    • If using Giffy Grip for a safe sole,...MORE applique a piece in the center of the sole section or cover the entire sole.


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    Sew the Pieces Together

    Sew the Shoe Together
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Sewing the Top of the Shoe Together

    • Join the two top pieces together by sewing from the top dot of the shoe, around the curved point of the shoe, pivoting at the point, to the sole.
    • On the heel area of the elf shoe, sew from the dot to the sole area. Refer to the photo to see the details.
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    Sewing on the Sole

    Sewing on the Sole
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    • Join the sole to the shoe top matching the dots, with the pointed end of the sole toward the toe section of the shoe. Ease the fabric where it is needed to make the sole fit evenly.
    • Trim and notch seams where needed for the fabric to lay smoothly.
    • Turn right side out.
    • If you have not used slipper grip type material, consider placing dots of fabric paint on the sole to help prevent slipping.
    • Repeat for the other shoe and allow the wearer to have fun!