Sew an Expandable Headband to Match Any Outfit

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    Materials and Cutting

    Sew Your Own Expandable Fabric Headband
    Sew Your Own Expandable Fabric Headband. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    This headband can be worn in many ways. It's sometimes called a hair-wrap and can be worn as a wide head scarf or a skinny headband. This simple to sew headband features one area that has encased elastic, while the other area can stay pleated or bunched to wear as a skinny headband. It can also be pulled out flat to cover most if not all of the head, like a head scarf. It's a great accessory that can be used with many different outfits.  

    Since this headband does not require a lot of...MORE fabric and the fabric does not have to stretch, you can watch remnant and clearance racks, to sew yourself a headband to match every outfit or whim without breaking the bank. They're a great replacement for bandannas, so you don't knot your hair at the same time you try to tie the bandana. As they are so easy to make these headbands are a perfect gift for the long haired people in your life. This headband is easy on your scalp and will not damage your hair.

    Required Materials

    • Any fabric -- one piece cut to 12" X 15" and another cut to 11" X 3" (The pieces can be cut from a fat quarter or you can cut two from a perfectly cut 1/3 yard of 45" wide fabric.)
    • 1- 6 1/2" piece of 3/4" wide non-roll elastic (Information about elastic)
    • Thread to match the fabric
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    Prepare the Elastic Section

    Prepare the Elastic Section
    Prepare the Elastic Section. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • Using the 11" X 3" piece of fabric, with the wrong sides of the fabric together, align the 11" edges.
    • Sew a seam along the 11" edge using a scant 3/8" seam allowance. (Everything You Need to Sew a Perfect Seam)
    • Apply a seam finish (Choosing a Seam Finish)
    • Press
    • Turn the tube right side out and press with the seam centered on one side of the tube.
    • Thread the elastic into the tube, using a bodkin or safety pin, leaving the elastic ends exposed and the fabric tube bunched on the...MORE center of the elastic.
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    Prepare the Expandable Part of the Headband

    Prepare the Expandable Part of the Headband
    Prepare the Expandable Fabric Part of the Headband. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • Turn under 1/8" and press in place, on the 15" edges of the 12" X 15" piece of fabric
    • Turn under again to enclose the raw edge and press in place.
    • Stitch the 1/8" hem in place, sewing as close to the inner edge fold as possible.
    • Pleat the 12" edge by making small fan folds until the 12" edge is 1" wide.
    • Baste the pleats in place.
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    Combine the Two Sections

    Combine the Two Sections
    Combine the Two Sections. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • Sew the elastic to the pleated ends of the wide section, keeping the seam side to the wrong side of the wider section.
    • Turn the ends of the tube in approximately 1/4" to enclose the raw edges.
    • Slide the folded under ends of the tube over the ends of the elastic and the basting stitches on to the pleated sections.
    • Align the turned under edges so they are even.
    • Sew across the turned edges to finish the headband.