Sew a Valentine's Fabric Heart Pillow

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    Materials Needed

    Valentine's Fabric Heart Pillow
    Debbie Colgrove

    This pattern makes a novelty heart-shaped pillow that is approximately 6 1/2 by 6 inches. Theses directions include how to add a cord for hanging. A perfect novelty for a teacher's classroom door or a bus drivers dashboard. Include a suction cup hanger if you have them on hand.

    All directions are for 1/4 inch seams.

    Materials Needed

    • Holiday oriented fabric
    • Thread
    • Optional: eyelet, piping or trim , Cord or Ribbon 6 to 8 inches
    • Print out of Heart Pattern
    • Stuffing material (example: Polyester Fiberfil)
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    Embellishing the Pillow

    Machine Embroidery to Personalize the Pillow
    Debbie Colgrove
    • Cut two pieces of fabric to match the heart pattern.
    • Choose the front piece and add embroidery or decorations to personalize the heart.
    • If you don't have an embroidery machine be sure to check out what free embroidery cross stitch patterns are available.
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    Edge Trim

    Adding Trim to the Pillow
    Debbie Colgrove
    • Add trim to one fabric heart. Trim or piping can be added by placing it on the right side of the fabric with the seam area toward the raw edge and then sewing on the seam line.
    • Optional: Attach the cord at the dip in the top of the heart as shown in the picture. The length of the cord or ribbon will depend on how long a hanger you want on the pillow.
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    Sewing Sections Together

    Sewing the Seam and Clip
    Debbie Colgrove
    • Place right sides together and stitch the hearts together leaving a small area open to turn right sides out.
    • Use small stitches so that when you clip, your seam is very stable.
    • Clip and trim at the curves and the "v" at the top of the heart. In order to not weaken the seam, but still clip to the seam, clip one layer of fabric and move over a bit to clip the other layer.
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    Finishing the Pillow

    Finish The Pillow
    Debbie Colgrove
    • Turn right side out.
    • Press.
    • Stuff lightly with stuffing material.
    • Slip stitch the opening closed.

    Pointer: Use a copy machine to enlarge the pattern for a larger pillow. By folding the pattern in half and enlarging 50% it will still fit on a standard sheet of paper. But remember to either cut a whole pattern by placing on the fold of a large sheet of paper or cut the fabric on a fold.

    Ideas for the Heart Shaped Pillow

    • Embroider the names and dates for a Wedding on the pillow and make them as wedding favors.
    • Enlarge the Pillow and embroider names and dates as a wedding or anniversary gift.
    • Use windbreaker nylon to repel water and sew multiple pillows to decorate a Valentine's Day Tree for your yard.
    • Sew a ribbon in the middle of the pillow to create a ring bearer's pillow.