How to Sew a Running Stitch - Hand Sewing Tutorial

A Running Stitch to Create a Fabric Yo-Yo
A Running Stitch to Create a Fabric Yo-Yo. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

Q What is a running stitch?

  •  A running stitch is created by simply running the needle and thread through the layers of fabric without back stitching.

Q How to sew a running stitch.

  1.  Thread the needle and knot the thread.
  2. Anchor the knot in the inside of the fabric in the area you will be sewing a line of running stitches.
  3. If sewing layers of fabric align the edges.
  4. Pin in place if desired.
  5. Place needle through the fabric and bring it back up to the top side from the bottom side of the fabric, weaving the needle in and out of the fabric.
  6. Repeat until the desired area is sewn.
  7. Anchor the thread in the inside of the seam or seam allowance and trim the thread.

Q Why use a running stitch?

  •  A running stitch is the easiest to remove when basting. It is easy to maintain a straight line when sewing a running stitch because you can eye a straight line with the sewing needle. It is a very quick hand sewing stitch.

Q When would I use a running stitch?

  1. A running stitch is a common basting stitch because it is fast and easy. It can be used to gather bulky fabric but machine basting is best for gathering lightweight garment fabric so that the gathers are smaller and extremely evenly spaced.
  2. A simple project to practice sewing a running stitch is sewing fabric yo-yos, which can be made into many yo-yo projects
  3. Very heavy fabrics can be easily basted together with a running stitch rather than fight with straight pins that can't get through the thick layers and bend or break instead of pinning the heavy fabric.
  4. A running stitch can make a quick mending job when you don't have time to thread the sewing machine.