A Small Dog Coat Pattern You Can Sew Yourself

Dog coat
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Gather the Materials

Small Dog Coat Sewing Supplies
Mollie Johanson

Keep your pooch warm and toasty in wet or winter weather with this free pattern for a dog coat. Your furry friend will stay cozy while out for a walk and they'll look cuter than ever. This pattern fits small dogs, but you can alter the dog coat pattern to fit your pet.


  • 1/2 yard or 18-by-22-inch rectangle of water-resistant fabric, such as windbreaker nylon
  • 1/2 yard or 18-by-22-inch rectangle of soft fabric, such as sherpa or fleece
  • Optional: 18-by-22-inch rectangle of cotton batting, to add extra warmth
  • 6 inches of 2-inch wide hook-and-loop tape (match the color to your fabrics if possible)
  • Thread to match the outer fabric
  • Optional: Reflective strips, so the dog is visible in poor lighting


  • Tape
  • Pinking shears
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors

For best results, be sure to read through all the instructions before you begin.

Print and Prepare the Dog Coat Pattern

Assemble the Pattern Pieces
Mollie Johanson

Download and print the pattern pieces:

Be sure to print the pieces at 100 percent or as close to 100 percent as possible. The most important thing is that all of the pieces print at the same size so they fit together.

Tape the small pieces to the large piece, matching the letters to each other.

Cut and Sew the Layers

Cut and Pin the Coat Layers
Mollie Johanson

Cutting the Layers

Using the on-fold line on the pattern piece, cut out one of the pattern pieces in the nylon and one in the fleece fabric.

Note: It is important that the fabric grain is straight on the fold. Do this by measuring the distance of the selvage to the fold and keeping the distance even.

Optional: To add extra warmth to your dog's coat, cut a matching piece of cotton batting and quilt it to the outer fabric before sewing the layers together.

Pinning and Sewing the Layers

Pin the fabric and fleece pieces together, aligning the edges, with the right sides together.

If you are using a vinyl fabric, use clips instead of pins, since straight pins will pierce the vinyl and ruin the waterproof qualities.

Stitch the layers together using a 3/8-inch seam allowance, leaving an area open for turning. 

Turn and Top Stitch the Coat

Top Stitch Around the Dog Coat
Mollie Johanson

Clip all the curves and trim the corners to reduce bulk. Turn the dog coat right side out through the opening.

Poke the corners into shape and make sure all the seams are open. You can press the seams, but take care that your iron is set for the correct fabric.

Fold the seam allowance in along the opening, clipping if needed. Pin the opening closed. 

Top stitch the edges of the entire coat, sewing the opening closed at the same time.

Attach the Hook and Loop Tape

Sew the Hook and Loop Tape
Mollie Johanson

Pin a 2-inch piece of hook and loop tape on each of the four tabs of the dog coat.

Place one side of the hook and loop tape on the outer fabric of the coat and ​the other half of the tape on the fleece side of the fabric. If possible, match the tape color to the fabric.

The tape in the sample above is double-sided, which makes it a little softer while eliminating the waste of one side of the tape.

Stitch the hook and loop tape in place, using thread that matches the outside of the coat. 

Make It Extra Special

Finished Small Dog Coat Sewing Project
Mollie Johanson

Your dog coat is all finished and ready for your precious pup to head out for a walk. Keep it as-is, or customize it with one of the options below.

  • Sew on reflective strips so your dog is visible while walking at night or on rainy days.
  • Embroider your dog's name on the back of the coat.
  • Sew a little pocket on the coat and store your contact information inside.
  • Stitch a cute tag into the seam for a fun detail.