Get in the Holiday Spirit With This Free Christmas Stocking Pattern

Sew an Easy Fleece Christmas Stocking
Mollie Johanson

Sew a Quick and Easy Fleece Stocking

Sew an Easy Fleece Christmas Stocking
Mollie Johanson

Make something special for your family this holiday season by sewing your own Christmas stockings. This free pattern makes a small stocking that fits just enough treats to bring smiles on Christmas morning.

There are lots of ways to sew stockings, but this one is quick and easy. Because it's designed to use fleece, you don't have to worry about lining or edge finishing. Plus, fleece comes in so many colors and designs that you can craft customized stockings for every person in your family.

Of course, the pattern still works with other fabrics. If you choose to work with quilting cotton, consider adding stabilizer to the cuff. To make the cuff from faux fur, use a lightweight lining fabric for one set of the cuff pieces.

Print the Christmas Stocking Pattern and Gather Materials

Fleece Stocking Materials
Mollie Johanson

Printable Pattern Pieces

Print all of the pieces at 100% in landscape mode. Cut out each of the pieces and then join stocking pieces A and B together before using.


  • 1/2 yard* of blizzard or anti-pill fleece for the main body of the stocking
  • 1/4 yard* of blizzard or anti-pill fleece fabric for the top of the stocking
  • Thread 
  • 1/2-inch wide satin ribbon
  • Coordinating embroidery floss (optional)

*The fabric requirements will make more than one stocking.

Note: All instructions are for 1/4-inch seams.

Cut the Fabric

Cut the Fleece Stocking Pieces
Mollie Johanson

Stocking Body

  • Fold the fabric, matching the selvages.
  • Place the pattern piece so that the arrows align with the stretch of the fleece fabric. (If you use another type of fabric, these arrows should align with the fabric grain.)
  • Pin the pattern piece in place.
  • Cut out around the pattern.

Stocking Cuff

  • Repeat the steps above to cut out the cuff for the stocking, cutting four cuff pieces in total. 

Assemble the Body of the Christmas Stocking

Sew the Stocking Pieces
Mollie Johanson
  • Place the stocking right sides together—align all the edges and pin in place.
  • Sew around the edges, leaving the top of the stocking open.
  • If you are using a fabric other than fleece, apply a seam finish (like a zigzag stitch) to prevent fraying.
  • Turn right side out.

Note: Sometimes it's difficult to tell which is the right and wrong side of certain fleece fabrics, so pay close attention when pinning and sewing!

Assemble the Stocking Cuff Pieces

Sew and Nest the Cuff Pieces
Mollie Johanson
  • With wrong sides together, pin and sew the sides of the two sets of stocking cuff pieces.
  • Turn one of the cuff pieces right side out. Place the turned cuff inside the outer cuff, right sides together.
  • Align the edges, pinning and sewing around the edge.
  • Turn the cuff right side out. 

Attach the Cuff to the Stocking

Pin and Sew the Cuff to the Stocking
Mollie Johanson
  • Place the stocking cuff inside the stocking, with the wrong side of the stocking against the right side of the top piece.
  • Align all the edges with the top of the stocking and match the seams, pinning in place.
  • Cut a 6-inch piece of ribbon and fold it in half. 
  • Place the ribbon between the stocking and the cuff with the cut ends of the ribbon up. The ribbon should be on the edge of the heel side of the stocking.
  • Sew around the top of the stocking, backstitching over the ribbon hanger for extra strength.

Finish the Stocking

Top Stitch Around the Cuff
Mollie Johanson

Finish off the bottom edge of the cuff with a line of running stitch worked by hand—it's a small detail that adds the perfect handmade touch to your project. 

Tips and Ideas

  • To help prevent thread jams when sewing fleece, lower the pressure on your sewing machine's presser foot.
  • Use a copy machine to enlarge or decrease the size of the pattern to your liking. 
  • Personalize a stocking by using novelty prints and unconventional fabrics. 
  • Stockings aren't only for hanging by the fireplace—they also make great gift bags. 
  • Sew tiny stockings to use as tree ornaments.
  • Add hand or machine embroidery to personalize your stocking. Small charms also make a fun addition.

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