Tips and Tricks to Help You Hide Your Bra Straps

Bra Strap Holder

Credit: AH86

Many summer dresses have narrow shoulder straps, or even spaghetti straps, that always seem to leave bra straps showing. More often than not, a strapless bra is not a good option.

Summer necklines on many blouses and shirts cause the same problem. Often, people think the blouse will cover the bra straps, but they spend the whole day tugging and pulling at it trying to hide the evidence.

A popular solution is having a friend gather the two straps to the middle of your back and pin them together, but that's just a temporary fix that definitely isn't fail-safe. If the safety pin accidentally opens, a stab in the back isn't fun.

If the garment has a shoulder seam, here's a simple solution to the problem!

Materials Needed

  • Sewing pins
  • Small sew-on snaps
  • Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Double-fold bias tape (small scraps will do if you have them on hand)

How To

  1. Try on the blouse, shirt o, dress. Place a pin on both edges of the area. The bra strap should be on both shoulders.
  2. Hand-sew one side of a snap onto the shoulder seam allowance, on the outside edge of each spot marked on your bra straps.
  3. Measure the distance from the outside edge of one strap to the outside edge of the other strap.
  4. Cut two strips of bias tape, 3/4-inch longer than the distance between the straps themselves.
  5. Turn in the raw ends of the bias tape by a 1/4 inch. Stitch the edges of the bias tape closed.
  6. Hand-sew the other sides of the snaps to each end of the bias tape.
  7. Enclose the bra strap in the bias strip to wear, and hold the bra strap in place.

Another Technique

A thread-crochet bra strap holder can be made by securing the thread at the open end with a small snap. This technique also creates less bulk in the garment.

Make Sure Your Bra Fits Properly

  • Get professionally measured. Most women don't realize they are wearing the wrong size bra.
  • Pay special attention to the cup size. If the bra cup is not completely filled, the straps will slip down. 
  • Back size is equally important. If the band of the bra is too large, the shoulder straps will be farther apart and prone to slipping.
  • Try a different style. Racerbacks typically close in front and keep the straps more securely in place.
  • Another style option is a leotard back that has straps that are not vertical to the bra band and farther apart from the armhole edge. 

If All Else Fails

When all else fails, tricky necklines can always be handled with double-sided fashion tape.