12 Sets of Free Lunch Box Notes

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These free, printable sets of lunch box notes are perfect to slip into your child's school lunch to give them encouragement, a smile, and even a giggle.

It only takes a few minutes to print them, cut them out, and then sit them by your kiddos lunch box. It's the perfect way to show them how much you're thinking about them while they're away at school each day.

Note: Please visit each website to download the free lunchbox notes so you can get the best quality available. These images are meant to give you a preview of the notes rather than a download.

Tip: These can certainly be printed on regular computer paper but they will stand up much better if you print them on cardstock or laminate them.

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    Printable Lunch Jokes for Kids from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

    Lunch box notes besides a lunch bag and an apple.
    Kristen Duke Photography

    Kristen Duke over at Capturing Joy has designed some awesome printable lunch box jokes that are great for boys and girls of any age.

    There are two pages of brightly designed yellow, green, and blue jokes for your child's lunch that range to the classic to the downright silly.

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    Free, Printable Lunch Box Notes from Kind Over Matter

    A sheet of lunch box notes sitting on a table
    Kind Over Matter

    Here's a sheet of 10 encouraging lunch box notes from Kind Over Matter that you can easily print on one page.

    Each lunch box note is completely different looking from all the other notes. This makes them unique and the kids won't feel like they're getting the same thing over and over again.

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    Lunch Box Love Notes from I Should be Mopping the Floor

    A sheet of lunch box notes.
    I Should be Mopping the Floor

    Here are eight free, printable lunch box notes designed to show your kid some love in the middle of the day. Just download this as a PDF file, print, and cut and you're all ready to go.

    Scroll down I Should be Mopping the Floor's post to see some other designs as well as lunchbox notes where you can leave your note.

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    Skip to my Lou's Free Printable Lunch Box Notes

    A sheet of printable lunch box notes.
    Skip to My Lou

    A sheet of these free, printable lunch box notes from Skip to my Lou will brighten up your child's day with playful green, orange, and blue colors.

    Eight lunch box notes print per this page and you can cut along the borders or simply cut the notes into squares.

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    Lunch Box Fruit Jokes from One Creative Mommy

    A lunch box with a sandwich, fruit, candy, and a lunch box note.
    One Creative Mommy

    These lunchbox fruit joke notes from One Creative Mommy certainly do stand out from the rest of the "bunch."

    Each note includes a fruit character with a joke to go along with it. These are sure to make your son or daughter chuckle during lunchtime.

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    Free Lunch Box Printables from Darling Doodles

    A close up of 8 lunch box notes.
    Darling Doodles

    Darling Doodles has designed these truly darling lunch box note printables that your child is going to love seeing in their lunchbox every day.

    These free lunch box notes print out eight per page and they are a nice mixture of jokes and encouraging phrases.

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    Free Back to School Lunch Box Jokes from Coupons are Great

    A sheet of back to school lunch box jokes.
    Coupons Are Great

    These lunch box jokes were designed for back to school time but they'll work any time of the school year or even for summer camp.

    You'll be able to print off eight jokes on your page with the answers provided.

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    Lunchbox Notes for Kids from Kiki & Company

    A set of colorful lunch box notes.
    Kiki & Company

    These lunchbox notes for kids from Kiki & Company are colorful and fun. These are simple yet encouraging lunch box notes that are appropriate for all ages of kids, both boys and girls. They print out six per page.

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    Free, Printable Lunch Box Love Notes from Urban Bliss Life

    Cut out lunch box notes sitting on a table beside an apple.
    Urban Bliss

    Urban Bliss Life calls their free lunch box notes, lunch box love notes because they truly are love notes for your kiddos.

    These free lunch box notes are encouraging and complimentary and will make your child smile even on the toughest of days.

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    Handwritten Lunch Box Love Notes from Happy Home Fairy

    A sheet of lunch box jokes that are handwritten.
    Happy Home Fairy

    These handwritten lunch box love notes from Happy Home Fairy tell adorable jokes with small colorful pictures to go with each one. You'll love them and so will your child.

    There are two sheets of lunch box love notes here for a total of 16 free printable jokes.

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    Encouraging Lunch Box Notes for Kids from Faith Filled Food for Moms

    A huge sheet of blue and orange lunch box notes for kids.
    Faith Filled Food for Moms

    Faith Filled Food for Moms has a huge page of free lunch box notes for kids designed in orange and blue.

    Scroll down further and you'll find more free lunch box notes in addition to this sheet of 25 tiny lunch box love notes.

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    Free Printable Lunch Box Notes from Silverbox Creative Studio

    A sheet of lunch box notes in gray, gold, and white.
    Silverbox Creative Studio

    You'll get a lot of free lunch box notes on these printables by Silverbox Creative Studio. They come 12 per sheet.

    These lunch box notes are designed in gray, gold, and white making them stand out from the rest.