Sentiments and Greetings for Independence Day Cards

Blank cards stacked up and tied together
Kate Pullen

If you are making special cards, scrapbook pages or other projects to mark Independence Day on the 4th of July this year then adding a few appropriate words can make all the difference. A special 4th of July greeting will help to personalize your project and make it stand out.

4th of July Printables

There are many different types and styles of sentiments that have an Independence Day theme. Whether you choose something amusing or thought-provoking depends on your own personal taste and the project that you are working on. When you are looking for a patriotic or 4th of July celebration quote or greeting then you need first to decide how it is going to be incorporated into your card or scrapbook page design. A few words can simply be added to share a message or the quotation or sentiment itself can become the main design feature. Print longer quotes or essays onto plain paper using an attractive font and attach this to the card and decorate with rubber stamps and other embellishments.

Sentiments and Greetings Ideas

Here are some different ideas for sentiments and greetings for the 4th of July and Independence Day cards. While many of these will be patriotic, some will also be 'thinking of you' type greetings. This is because letting someone know that you are thinking of them when you are apart is often an important part of any holiday or celebration.

Quote and Sentiment Collections

Here are some collections of patriotic words and saying that will complement any 4th July or Independence Day project:


Independence Day poems are perfect for cards and make an interesting alternative to more traditional greetings. These are some varied and unusual poems which are suitable for cards and scrapbook pages:

  • Patriotic poems and rhymes: These poems are suitable for children.
  • Patriotic poetry: These are original poems that are suitable for cards, however, remember to check out the site's terms and conditions if you intend to use the poems in products you are going to sell.


An amusing few words or a joke will bring a smile to the recipients face. There are some great one-liners and funny words available for including in your projects, however, make sure that the words are appropriate to your intended recipient, you do not want to risk offense!

  • 4th of July jokes: There are some great puns and one-liners here. These are cute jokes that are unlikely to cause offense.
  • Independence day humor: This is an extensive list of humorous items with a 4th of July theme. These are ideal for a wide variety of rubber stamping projects.


A patriotic song or song that has been written to mark Independence Day can be great inspiration for a handmade card or other 4th of July project. Here are some songs to consider:

  • Independence day songs: this is a long list of Independence Day themed songs. While lyrics aren't provided, you will find the words easily using an Internet search engine.
  • 4th of July songs: These songs from Songs for Teaching also include the lyrics. There are also audio files available so you can listen to the songs.


These Independence Day prayers are ideal for adding to projects for Christians who want to share the freedom, both spiritual and physical, which is marked by the Fourth of July celebration:

  • Freedom prayers: These are a selection of prayers to celebrate the 4th of July.

More Sentiments and Greetings for Handmade Cards