Sentiments and Sayings for Father's Day Cards

Find the Perfect Words for a Father's Day Card

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Finding the right words for a Father's Day card can make all the difference! There are many places to find interesting sentiments for handmade cards. If you are looking for something a little different this year then take a look at some of the ideas below. From traditional quotations to a few lyrics from a song, there are ideas for words for Father's Day cards here for all tastes.

Ideas for Incorporating Words into Father's Day Projects

There are many ways of incorporating your chosen words into a Father's Day card.

See How to Add Sentiments to Cards for more information. Suitable words can also be used as inspiration for a card design. This can be a great way to get ideas for a design.

Interesting words and sentiments can also be used to create interesting gifts. Choose a selection of words and sentiments to add to a calendar or notebook, for instance, for an extremely thoughtful and personal gift.

Poems for Father's Day Cards

Poems can range from a few well-considered words through to lengthy poetic verses. Poems can be a great way to add a heartfelt greeting or sentiment to a Father's Day card. There are poems that are thoughtful and reflective as well as amusing and funny poems. Pick a poem that says what you want to convey and that also complements the theme of your Father's Day card.

Excellent Father's Day poems and poetry can be found at the following websites:

Father's Day Proverbs

A suitable proverb can be a good alternative to poems or quotations for use in handmade Father's Day cards.

Proverbs are typically shorter than poems and are therefore perfect for using in cards where space is limited. A proverb can also be used as part of the card design.

Father's Day proverbs can be found on the following websites:

  • The Holiday Spot
  • Phrases – an extensive list of English proverbs, not all Father's Day related but offering plenty to inspire
  • Creative Proverbs – a range of father related proverbs from different cultures

Father's Day Quotations

Quotations make a great addition to handmade cards of all types. There is a wide range of quotations that are suitable for using in Father's Day cards. These Father's Day quotations are suitable for cards of all types.

Father's Day quotations can be found at the following websites:

Father's Day Lyrics

An alternative to traditional greetings or sentiments is to use a lyric or two from dad's favorite band. This is easier than it might first appear as there are a number of websites that have searchable databases that include lyrics from a wide variety of musical genres.

Humorous Father's Day Quotes and Sentiments

If your father is the type to roll his eyes at sentimental quotes, then how about using some humorous words in a Father's Day card.

These can make an interesting alternative to traditional Father's Day sentiments.

Sites that offer a range of humorous Father's Day words include:

Other Ideas for Father's Day Cards

Here are some different ideas for Father's Day cards:

  • Poems for Free (stories) – these free Father's Day stories could provide the inspiration for a stamping project
  • Rhymes – there is a wide range of traditional nursery rhymes on this site – do you remember a favorite from childhood? If so, why not create a Father's Day card based on one of these?

More Sentiments, Words, and Sayings for Father's Day

Here are more websites with an eclectic mix of sentiments, sayings, and poems that are perfect for Father's Day:

  • Inkstains With Roni – an extensive range of words for Father's Day cards
  • Ancestry – a wide range of homely poems and sentiments
  • Indobase – famous sayings
  • Indobase – Father's Day trivia which could be used to create a quiz to attach to a handmade card
  • Verses4Cards – a wide range of verses, poems, and quotes
  • Making Greeting Cards – lots of poems and sayings that are ideal for Father's Day cards.