10 Tips for Selling Your Action Figures on eBay

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Selling your action figure collection on eBay can be a big undertaking. Whether you’re a hesitant seller looking for some extra cash or someone trying to profit from a wise investment, the following tips will make the task a lot easier to handle and help you get the most money for your collection.

Are You Ready to Sell?

Determine the Demand

The value of a collection can change a lot over a short period of time. Be aware of things that might alter the value of your collection, such as new movies, new lines based on vintage lines, or re-releases of sold-out figures. Time your auction correctly to make the most of these changes.

Do the Math

Consider the costs related to selling, shipping, and the time put into listing your auction before jumping into the process. Be sure you can make the profit you want before parting with a treasured figure or collection.

Consider Alternatives

There are a lot of benefits to selling your collection on eBay, but other selling options may be right for you or your specific collection. Finding a new collector who shares your interest, taking figures to thrift stores and antique shops, or using an eBay drop-off or consignment store may all be better ways to sell your collection.

Prepping Your Collection

Do Your Research

Action figure collectors buying figures on eBay are interested in details above all else. Gather up what you intend to sell and make a list that includes every figure and accessory you have. Make sure you know exactly what the figure is (such as a variant or specific release). Look at action figure checklists to see if you have the appropriate accessories and packaging to go with the figures.

Separate Your Figures

Very few collectors are interested in buying action figures from various lines and companies. To make sure you generate interest in your auctions, separate your figures into relevant clusters. By listing specific lines, genres, or figures of the same scale in groups, you will earn the best prices and get the most attention for your auction.

The Selling Process

Create a Thorough Listing

Make sure you include every relevant piece of information regarding the figure, including accessories, condition, size, and manufacturer. Put the information in a visible spot on your listing, and make it easy to read by using bullets or numbers. This not only helps people find the information they are looking for but ensures that buyers will be happy with what they receive.

Include Photos

Collectors want to know what an action figure looks like before they buy it. Including multiple pictures allows potential buyers to see the quality of the figure, make sure it’s what they want, and increases the likelihood they will bid on your auction. Try to make your pictures clear by taking them with a good camera (not small pictures from a cell phone).

Describe the Condition Honestly

Users on eBay don’t like being misled in auction listings, and collectors are very concerned about the condition of their figures. This means if a figure is not in new condition, don’t say it is. Describe every fault with the figures or packaging, especially with a vintage collection. It’s better to point out the flaws in a figure beforehand so a buyer isn’t disappointed when they receive it.

Set Reasonable Prices

Some people get the idea that their collection is worth substantially more than it is. Look at similar auctions to get a feel for an appropriate price, or use online resources to determine the value. Make sure you don’t set your reserve price or buy it now values too high. If you feel like you can get more for your figures, maybe now is not the time to sell them.

Be Professional

Imagine how you like to be treated when buying things and treat potential buyers with the same respect. Answer questions, be fair and stay organized. Taking steps toward professionalism will keep buyers happy and bring them back to your future auctions.