How to Sell Your Artwork as Digital Stamps

Sell your digital stamps
Kate Pullen

Selling your own artwork as a digital stamp is an exciting prospect for many artists and designers. This is a relatively new opportunity and adds another outlet for an artist to sell their work. While it's probably safe to say that selling the occasional digital stamp is not going to make anyone rich, building a range of high-quality digital stamps could prove a useful additional revenue stream.

What Are Digital Stamps?

If you are new to the phrase digital stamps, then simply think of it as rubber stamping without the stamp. Instead of stamping an image on the page, the user prints the image out and then colors it as they would a traditional stamp.

There are many positive and negative points about digital stamps, including that there are limited opportunities to get creative with the inking side of things. For many stampers, they are a convenient addition to their supply kit. This gives you plenty of background into this new generation craft.

Types of Digital Stamps to Sell

Digital stamps are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. When deciding what types of images to sell, you need to consider both the market and your own style. Research is important, and checking out a selection of digital stamp stores and popular crafting blogs will help to give you a flavor of what is popular at the moment.

Of course, jumping on a current trend bandwagon isn't necessarily a good thing as this genre may be crowded or it may not be a natural fit for your style. Researching the market well will help to give you a better view of what types of images are likely to be popular.

Where to Sell Your Digital Stamps

There are many places to sell your digital stamps. These include:

  • Your own blog or website
  • An existing digital stamp marketplace
  • A handmade marketplace that allows the sale of digital products (like Etsy)
  • Digital crafting and digital scrapbooking stores

How to Sell Your Digital Stamps

Before you start to sell your digital stamps there are a number of things you need to consider:

  • Stamp Format: There is a wide range of different formats that digital stamps can be saved in. Which format is going to be best for your customers?
  • Terms and Conditions for Use: You need to decide the terms and conditions under which you are prepared to make your stamps available. For example, will you allow your images to be used commercially? If so, is there a limit on the number of items a person can make with your stamps or a restriction as to how items are produced?
  • Packaging: This may sound a little odd when used in reference to a digital product, but many digital stamp artists and digital scrapbooking artists have a branded preview template which they use to display their images. A preview template will help to brand your images as well as giving people an image they can link to rather than displaying the finished stamp on the page.

Marketing Your Digital Stamps

The digital stamp marketplace is crowded. While there are many successful digital stamp artists available, there are many others who, despite having great quality images and designs available, sell very little.

One of the reasons for this is lack of marketing. Many people who are successful at selling their crafts, both 'real' and digital, are also successful at marketing themselves and their products.

Some marketing initiatives you may find useful are:

  • Regular Challenges: Many stamp companies hold regular challenges. This can be a great way to engage stampers and hopefully attract future customers.
  • Freebies: Digital stampers love freebies! A great way to get your name out there is to make a few free digital stamps available and then promote them, for example, on a free digitial stamp Facebook page. Simply add a link to your free digital stamp on such a page, along with a few lines describing your image, and you're sure to have some takers who will then follow and, hopefully, buy from you.