10 Seashell Crafts for Kids

Painted seashells ready for crafts

Os Tartarouchos / Getty Images

The best way to make use of all the pretty shells you collected on a beach day is to turn them into adorable, kid-friendly creations. There's nothing like getting a little messy with some glue and paint in the summertime, and these crafts won't disappoint. From mermaid accessories to home decor to fishy friends, any of these crafts and activities will bring all the magic of the ocean into your family craft time!

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    Easy Clay Seashell Pendants

    Seashell necklaces in sand

    Moms and Crafters

    Turn your shell collections into fashionable kid-designed statement pieces. Air-dry clay works best, and this blogger included easy tips on how to add trendy texture to bring your pendants to the next level.

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    DIY Mermaid Seashell Crown

    mermaid shell crown

    Creative Green Living 

    Creative Green Living has a magical mermaid crown that you'll never want to take off! For a Halloween costume, fun summertime afternoon craft, or just because, this mermaid seashell crown is easy to make and fun to customize. Make playtime extraordinary with the magic of this seashell crown.

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    Tropical Seashell Fish Craft

    Seashell fish craft

    Crafts by Amanda

    In the spirit of the classic kids' book "Rainbow Fish," this craft makes for a colorful and adorable way to put the seashells toted home from the beach to good use. Create bright and unique fish friends with your kids to bring some extra pizzazz into your summer crafting repertoire.

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    Magical Mermaid Necklaces

    mermaid necklaces

    Mama Papa Bubba

    If you've got little ones that are more fish than landlubber, this is the perfect craft for them. Some pretty glitter and dollar store glass marbles bring the ocean magic into your own house. It's great for mermaids and mermen alike.

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    Seashell People

    shell people

    Fun Crafts Kids

    This is a super creative and cute use of seashells. Make some paper or cardboard cut-out friends, and dress them to the nines in the prettiest shells you have on-hand. See how wacky you can get: shells make for great skirts, but can also make cute hats, pocketbooks, or shoes.

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    Sea Turtle Shell Craft

    sea shell turtle craft

    Easy Peasy and Fun

    Here's a sea (turtle) shell craft to make with the little animal lover in your house! This super punny seashell craft is one of the cuter ones out there. Have fun and teach your kids about all the different kinds of critters that live in the ocean with this easy activity.

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    DIY Seashell Hairpins

    sea shell hair pins

    SWELL Blog

    Check out these seashell hairpins, which are a perfect accessory to match a seashell pendant. Wear to the beach, a pool party, or any other time to bring some seaside style into your life. This craft is especially great for kiddos who love to play dress up.

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    Seashell Mosaics

    garden stepping stones

    Alpha Mom 

    With just shells, quick-drying concrete, and a baking pan, these easy seashell mosaics make for adorable decorative pieces. Create pretty designs, pictures of your favorite sea animals, or go abstract! Whether as paving stones, table centerpieces, or hanging on the wall, a seashell mosaic is a summer, kid-approved craft.

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    Seashell Handprint Keepsake

    shell handprint

    Arty Crafty Kids

    Make the summer memories last forever with an upgrade on the classic handprint keepsake. This is a great way to remember your family's first summer, and a very sweet way to remember every year as your kids get older and their handprints get bigger.

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    Seashell Jellyfish

    sea shell jellyfish

    I Heart Arts and Crafts

    Now, you know that a seashell jellyfish isn't exactly accurate in the scientific sense, but it sure is cute! Bend the rules a little with this super easy art activity to make a jellyfish friend to accompany the seashell turtle craft. Soon you'll have a whole ocean full of swimming seashell creatures.