Seashell Crafts

How to Make Craft Projects Using Shells

Mother and daughter collecting sea shells
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Check out all of these fun sea shell activities. What kind of craft projects can you make using seashells? If you have a chance to get to the beach, gather up some seashells and experiment. If you can't get to the beach to find seashells, you can find them on the shelves of most craft stores and then make a craft or two using seashells.

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    Re-Made Diffuser Bottle

    Re-Made Diffuser Bottle Craft

    Follow these instructions and learn how you can decorate a bottle using shells and other supplies.

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    Sand and Sea Shell Casting Craft

    Learn how you can transform seashells and other beach finds into a fun work of art.

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    Seashell Bouquet

    Seashell Bouquet Craft

    Using these directions shared by a visitor named Belinda, learn how you can create a unique bouquet using seashells.

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    Seashell Bug Magnet Craft

    Grab a handful of small shells along with a magnet or two and experiment with arranging them to make different bugs.

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    Seashell Candle

    Seashell Candle Craft

    Follow these instructions, and you can learn how to use a large clam shell to make a decorative candle.

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    Seashell Mermaid Craft

    Seashell Mermaid Craft

    These mermaids, perched atop of a starfish and decorated with seashells, were submitted by a visitor named Rebecca.

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    Sea Shell Ornaments
    Sea Shell Ornaments. Sherri Osborn

    Use these directions to make a simple ornament out of a shell, a pearl, and some ribbon.

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    Seashell Picture Frame Craft

    These directions, shared by Kim, will have you searching your house for old frames you can glue seashells and sand to.

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    Seashell Recipe Holder Craft

    Follow these instructions and learn how you can make a unique recipe holder using a seashell and a paper clip.

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    Seashell Vase Magnet Craft

    Use a spiral shell, known as an auger shell, to make a tiny vase you can hang on your refrigerator.

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    Shell Memory Game

    A visitor named Patricia shared instructions for making a game using several clam shells.