5 Tips for Quick Scrapbooking

Ideas for Completing Scrapbook Pages Quickly

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While we all want to create beautiful scrapbook page layouts, sometimes we do not have a lot of time. These five tips will help you get scrapbook pages done more quickly.

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    Save Time With No Cropping - Scrapbook With 4x6 Inch Photos

    Free Scrapbook Page Sketch for 4x6 Inch Photos
    Jennifer Schmidt

    Cropping your photos takes time. Some photos do not need to be or can not be cropped. If you want to be able to showcase the whole 4x6 inch photograph on your scrapbook page, these scrapbook page ideas will give you a place to get started. Each scrapbook layout idea features between one and six 4x6 inch pictures. You will save time and be able to get more scrapbooking done the fewer photos that you need to crop.

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    Save Time With Quick Embellishing - Paper Tearing

    Paper Tearing for Quick Scrapbook Page Embellishments

    Paper tearing quickly adds texture and style to some scrapbook pages. Using paper tearing as your main quick technique will allow you to embellish your scrapbook pages but also save time. Tearing paper is a basic scrapbooking and paper crafting technique that you will use again and again. This gallery shows you ten different ways to use paper tearing on your scrapbook pages.

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    Save Time With a Plan - Free Scrapbook Page Sketches

    Quick Scrapbooking with Scrapbook Page Sketches
    Pet Scrapbook Page Sketch Idea Ludens

    Quickly complete scrapbook pages when the design of the layout is already defined for you. Scrapbook page sketches are outlines of a design for a scrapbook page layout. The simple sketch allows you to get creative with your scrapbook pages without having to come up with your own layout or design ideas. Free scrapbook page sketches can be used for any theme of the scrapbook page and are designed for scrapbooking with a single photo or for many photographs.

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    Save Time With Quick Journaling - Choose a Journaling Style

    Quick Journaling Using Bullet Points
    Bullet Point Journaling Ludens

    Scrapbooks without journaling are just pretty photo albums. While the famous quote says that a picture is worth a thousand words, in your scrapbooks pictures can only be counted on to tell part of the story. Do you have trouble including journaling on your scrapbook pages? Perhaps you need to try a different style of journaling to get your writing jump-started. Choose one of these five ideas for the journaling on your next scrapbook page layout. Pick the one that will work the best for you on your next quick scrapbook page. List Journaling and The 5 W's journaling are good choices for quick scrapbook pages.

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    Save Time with Smaller Scrapbook Pages - Choosing an Album

    Deciding Which Size Album to Use
    Choosing a Scrapbook Ludens

    The size of the scrapbook determines how much room you will have on each page for photos, memorabilia, journaling, and embellishments. Smaller scrapbook pages can generally be completed more quickly than full 12x12 inch pages. Read about choosing a scrapbook size in this article and then visit the Album in a Weekend article to see how you can quickly complete a lot of pages in an 8x8 inch scrapbook.

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