Learn How to Make a Scrapbook in a Box

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    The Completed Box

    Completed Lid and Box
    Completed Lid and Box. Ludens

    The Scrapbook in a Box is a mini book that folds, accordion style, out of a small box revealing photos, journaling, and embellishments. This scrapbook can easily be created in just a few hours and is perfect for gift giving for the holidays, birthdays, Mother's Day, graduation, or any occasion. To learn how to create one of these fun little scrapbooks simply follow these step by step instructions. After you learn how to make a Scrapbook in a Box, visit the idea gallery which features photos of three different Scrapbooks in Boxes to find ideas for embellishing your pages and box.

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    Supplies Needed

    Supplies Needed
    Supplies Needed. Ludens

    To begin, you will need to gather these supplies: A small box with lid (the one shown here is a 4 inch paper mache box found at a retail craft store), double stick tape or photo tape, two sheets of 12x12 inch scrapbook paper, 1 or 2 sheets of 8 ½ x11 inch scrapbook cardstock, and basic tools such as scissors, a 12 inch trimmer, a ruler, a pencil, and a corner rounder punch. You will also want a few embellishments that coordinate with your patterned paper such as ribbon, buttons, ​beads, or flowers.

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    Covering the Box with Patterned Scrapbook Paper

    Covering the Box Steps 1-4
    Covering the Box Steps 1-4. Ludens

    To begin covering the box with patterned paper, flip your paper over to the back and place the box on the paper leaving enough room on each side of the box for the paper to be able to fold up and cover each side.

    1. Use a pencil to trace around the bottom of the box.
    2. Turn the box up on each side and also trace that edge.
    3. Cut out around the outside of all of your trace marks leaving about a quarter of an inch of extra space just to make sure you have plenty of paper to cover the box. Once you have cut out the large square of paper, place the box back in the center, using a little double stick tape to hold it in place, and fold up each edge and crease.
    4. Cut from each corner of the paper at an angle to each corner of the box. Then, using the creases as your guide, cut straight into each corner as shown in the photo above. Be sure that you cut straight in on opposite sides of the box as shown so that two sides of the box will end up with pointy flaps and two sides will end up with simple straight flaps.
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    Finish Covering the Box

    Complete Covering the Box
    Complete Covering the Box. Ludens

    In the first photo above, you can once again see clearly how to cut the corners of your patterned paper. Use an aggressive adhesive, such as photo tape, to add a strip of adhesive to the top edge of the outside of the box on the two sides with the pointy flaps of paper (photo 1). Fold up these two sides firmly (photo 2). Next, you can add adhesive to the remaining two sides and fold up those flaps as well. Use scissors to neatly trim the extra paper around the edge of the box (photo 3). Repeat the steps on the box lid and you will have a beautifully covered box ready for your scrapbook pages (photo 4).

    Note: If desired, you can fold the extra paper in photo 3 inside the box bottom and adhere it with photo tape. However, do not fold the extra paper inside the box lid, or that extra thickness may make it difficult for the lid to go on and off of the box.

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    Measure the Inside of the Box

    Measure the Inside of the Box
    Measure the Inside of the Box. Ludens

    To add pages, you begin by measuring the inside width. My box measured 3 and 5/8ths inches wide and tall. Your pages will be 1/8 inch smaller in both length and width than the inside measure of the box so that they can move freely as the box is opened and closed.

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    Constructing the Inside Pages

    Constructing the Inside Pages
    Constructing the Inside Pages. Ludens

    Since this box was 3 5/8 inches wide on the inside, I cut two strips of card stock that were 3 ½ inches wide leaving an eighth of an inch so that the pages have room to pop up out of the box.

    Next, score each strip every 3 ½ inches creating squares.

    Fold each strip, accordion style and affix them end to end with photo tape to create one long strip of folded cardstock. You can add additional strips as desired to add more pages to your book.​

    Optional Step: At this point, you may wish to use a corner rounder to round the corners of each pair of folded pages. You will slip each folded corner into the punch and press firmly. If you punch will not go through both sheets of cardstock, simply press the punch firmly to score the paper and use your scissors to trim along the mark left by the punch. The rounded corners define each page and add a nice touch to the book.

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    Embellish Pages and Adhere Them to the Box

    Adding Pages to Box
    Adding Pages to Box. Ludens

    Before you add the pages to the box, you will want to embellish them with photos, journaling, and embellishments on both sides of the strip, leaving the back of the top and bottom squares blank. It is very difficult to decorate your pages, once you have them in the box, so take the time now to complete all of the scrapbooking that you plan to add to the tiny layouts.

    Once your pages are complete, add photo tape to the back of the bottom square and center it in the box, pressing firmly to attach. Add photo tape to the back of the top square and center it in the lid pressing firmly to attach. Now the pages should be attached at the top to the inside of the lid and at the bottom to the inside of the box so that when opened the pages pop-up and fold out for viewing.

    Finish your box by embellishing the outside and adding a title. For ideas for box and page embellishments, visit the Scrapbook in a Box gallery. The gallery contains three finished boxes to inspire you to give this project a try.

    Now that you know how to make a Scrapbook in a Box, visit the idea gallery which features photos of three different Scrapbooks in Boxes to find ideas for embellishing your pages and box.