Nautical Beach Theme Baby Scrapbook

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    Scrapbook Album in a Weekend - Double Page Spread

    Double Page Spread with Anchor
    Scrapbook Album in a Weekend - Pages 8-9. Jennifer Schmidt

    This beautiful double page spread uses hand stitching to embellish both pages in a flowing rope-like line. At the end of this line, you can find a very simple, one piece, paper piecing of an anchor. This layout will work not only for this nautical theme baby scrapbook but also for any beach, cruise, or vacation theme scrapbook page. The hand stitching may seem daunting at first, but when you see the step by step instructions for hand stitching on scrapbook pages, you will find that it can be a quick and easy way to add stylish texture to your scrapbook page layouts.

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    Close-Up - Anchor Paper Piecing Page

    Anchor Scrapbook Page
    Scrapbook Album in a Weekend Baby Scrapbook - Page 8. Jennifer Schmidt

    The anchor scrapbook page layout continues to keep the pages simple and the embellishments unique. The layout itself uses a piece of 4x8 inch patterned paper to decorate the background of the page. The focal point photo can be double-matted and then it is surrounded by the hand-stitching that comes from the anchor and winds its way around both pages.

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    Close-Up - Anchor Companion Page

    Anchor Companion Page
    Scrapbook Album in a Weekend - Page 9. Jennifer Schmidt

    The companion page for this double-page spread focuses on just one photo. The texture and interest on the page are added with the hand-stitching that continues on this page from the previous page of the double-page layout spread. Each of the photos has a small text box next to it that can be used for journaling, titles, or subtitles. Once again the background has been decorated with a simple piece of patterned paper.

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    Album in a Weekend - Page 9 - Anchor Free Paper Piecing Pattern

    Anchor Pattern
    Scrapbook Album in a Weekend - Free Anchor Paper Piecing Pattern. Jennifer Schmidt
    The anchor pattern is simple enough that you can make it quickly and yet the stitching details add that special finishing touch to your scrapbook pages. One point to note is that a circle punch or even an office-type hand-held hole punch will work well to make the hole at the top of the anchor. To save this pattern to your computer for future use, simply right click on the image and select "save as." To paste it into a word processing document so that you can re-size and print the pattern, right click the image and select "copy". Next, open your blank document, right click on it, and select "paste."