Pictures of Scrap Quilts for Tips and Inspiration

Patchwork quilt
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Take a look at pictures of scrap quilts made by members of the online quilting community. You'll find a wide variety of quilts here, and maybe find tips and ideas for your next scrap quilt.

How to Make a Scrap Quilt

Any quilt pattern can be used to make a scrap quilt. Don't worry too much about the colors in your quilt. Instead, pay more attention to contrast among the patches, because contrast allows designs to either emerge or blend. To learn more about contrast, read Combining Color and Contrast for Sewing Gorgeous Quilts.

A quick look at a basic color wheel explains color dominance, an important ingredient when designing a by quilt.

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    Carolina Byways Scrap Quilt

    Carolina Byways Watercolor Quilt
    Carolina Byways Quilt Quilt Made by Jaynlando

    Quilt on this Page by Jaynlando: I saw this quilt pattern in your newsletter while visiting my daughter, who had just moved to North Carolina. I decided I had to make it for her. I changed the bottom to browns and greens to resemble the sandhills region they live in,

    Carolina Byways Quilt Pattern

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    Apple Core Scrap Quilt

    Scrap Quilts
    Apple Core Scrap Quilt Apple Core Scrap Quilt by Dana Strickler

    From Dana: I hand pieced and hand quilted this quilt for my husband, using scraps that looked as close as possible to Depression-era fabric. Several pieces of fabric in this quilt actually came from scraps that belonged to my great-grandma's aunt (pre-1900).

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    Just Do It Scrap Quilt

    Star Quilt
    Just Do It Quilt Quilt by quiltermomma1

    From quiltermomma1: I made this quilt for my son's graduation from the law enforcement academy. Just Do It was his class's motto. I made it extra large, because he is 6'5" tall.

    Pattern for Scrappy Floating Stars

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    Hearts and Roses Scrap Quilt

    Hearts and Roses Quilt
    Hearts and Roses Quilt Quilt by Phxwmn

    From Phxwmn: I won all of these beautiful scrappy heart blocks in the Quilting Forum. I used the disappearing nine-patch method with the heart blocks placed as the nine-patch cornerstones. It was a successful experiment and I really enjoy the way it turned out. What made it really special was receiving a heart block from all the people that participated in the block exchange.

    Heart Quilt Block Pattern

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    Scrappy H Quilt

    H Quilt
    H Quilt Quilt by Debby

    Pictures of Scrap Quilts

    From Debby: "I made this from a pattern from this site. It was a fun, easy project and a great way to use up my scraps."

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    Civil War Shoo Fly Quilt

    Civil War Shoo Fly Quilt
    Civil War Shoo Fly Quilt Quilt by 4stitches

    From 4stitches: This quilt was inspired by a photo of a real Civil War era quilt. It is my first queen size quilt and measures approximately 90 by 90 inches. The quilt is hand quilted in a one-inch diamond pattern. Working on it off and on, it took me three years to finish. The piecing was easy -- quilting took most of the time,

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    Mock Log Cabin Scrap Quilt

    mock log cabin quilt
    Mock Log Cabin Quilt © Jennifer Elder

    From Jennifer: This quilt was made from Janet's pattern, Mock Log Cabin. It was made for my husband's teenage cousin. 

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    Tulip Scrap Quilt

    tulip quilt
    Tulip Quilt from Block Swap © Robicole

    From Robicole: This is a top made from the tulip block swap in 2007.

    Tulip Quilt Block Pattern

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    Maple Leaf Scrap Quilt

    Maple Leaf Quilt
    Maple Leaf Quilt Quilt by Peggy

    From Peggy: I made this for my daughter to keep as an heirloom. It is made to fit her king size bed and hangs to the floor. The quilt measures 125 X 135 inches.

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    Trip Around the World Scrap Quilt

    Trip Around the World Quilt
    Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt Quilt by Momof11

    Quilt by Momof11: This quilt was a wedding gift. The pattern is Scrappy Trip Around the World by Bonnie Hunter. It's a great pattern to use up leftover 2.5" strips of fabric.I used a solid black strip in each block in the same position and arranged blocks based on their diagonal color to get a less random look. 72" x 60"

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    Grandmother's Choice Scrap Quilt

    grandmother's choice scrap quilt
    Grandmother's Choice Quilt © Robicole

    From Robicole: This is the quilt top I made with the blocks I won in the Quilting Forum's block lotto in May 2006.

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    Bricks & Stepping Stones Scrap Quilt

    bricks and stepping stones quilt
    Bricks & Stepping Stones Quilt - Penny Pincher 7 © Robicole

    From Robicole: This quilt was made from blocks swapped in the Penny Pincher 7 swap. That swap was inspired by a quilt I saw when I was in North Caroline for the quiltfest with Janet Wickell.

    Bricks & Stepping Stones Pattern

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    Cozy Country Scrap Quilt

    Cozy Country Quilt
    Cozy Country Quilt Quilt by Christi Corpus
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    Special Love Scrap Quilt

    Scrap Quilt Pictures
    Special Love Scrap Quilt Scrap Quilt by Tara Hart

    From Tara: This quilt was a Christmas gift Madeline two weeks before Christmas. My boyfriend asked me to make a quilt that would emulate his 'Granny Blanket,' which was crocheted from scraps by his granny. The Granny Blanket is all squares and rectangles in all colours imaginable.

    This was my first attempt at a true scrap quilt. All of the squares are 4", sewn by strip piecing and rotary cutting. The idea was to have no two identical fabrics touching each other.

    I made the quilt from my fabric stash and finished the quilt by tying it with yarn instead of hand quilting I turned the backing to the front instead of sewing binding around edges.

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    Scraps and Orphans Quilt

    Scrap Quilts
    Scraps and Orphans Quilt Scraps and Orphans Quilt, by Betty R. Brawlassie

    From Betty: I started making this scrap quilt by sewing crumbs to strips. Then I just grabbed scraps and added them until I had six-inch squares. I used leftover strips from bargello and other blocks. It is a queen sized quilt.

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    Ribbon Star Scrappy Lap Quilt

    Scrap Quilts
    Ribbon Star Scrappy Lap Quilt Scrap Quilt by Jean B.

    From Jean: Ribbon Star is a scrap quilt that measures 60" x 60".

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    Confusion Scrap Quilt

    Scrap Quilts
    Confusion Scrap Quilt Scrap Quilt by Nil

    From Nil: This is a lap quilt made from scrap pieces of fabric. It was made for my daughter to use at work and measures about 50" x 30". She works in an open truck outside an airport in the winter. The quilt will keep her legs and lap warm. She loves the quilt.

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    Star Of The Orient Scrap Quilt

    Scrap Quilts
    Star Of The Orient Scrap Quilt Star Of The Orient Scrap Quilt by Peggianne

    From Peggianne: Star of the Orient is a king size scrap quilt that I started over 10 years ago for my son. It is hand pieced and hand quilted.

    Mattress Sizes and Design Tips

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    Sassafrass Leaves Scrap Quilt

    Scrap Quilts
    Sassafrass Leaves Scrap Quilt Sassafrass Leaves Scrap Quilt by Haubon Quilts

    From Haubon Quilts: Sassafrass Leaves is a 67" X 68" scrap quilt that was made from the vault of scraps I have saved since I started quilting 14 years ago.

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    Fenced In Bins Scrap Quilt

    Pinwheel Quilt
    Fenced In Pins Quilt Quilt by ncquiltmom

    From ncquiltmom: This is my first scrap quilt. Since I'm fairly new to quilting, I gathered these scraps from end of bolt bins.

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    Churn Dash for All Seasons Scrap Quilt

    churn dash quilt
    Churn Dash for All Seasons Quilt Quilt by Haubon Quilts

    From Haubon Quilts: I made this scrappy bed quilt for a newlywed cousin. It is an 82" X 68" quilt made from scraps I had saved since I started quilting.

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    Gabe's Birthday Quilt

    String Quilt
    Gabe's Birthday Quilt Quilt by Momof11

    From Momof11: I made this scrap quilt from Penny Pincher swap blocks from the Quilting Forum. I gave the quilt to my 4th son on his 12th birthday. The quilt is about 60" x 80".

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    Flowers for Laurie Scrap Quilt

    Scrap Quilt
    Flowers for Laurie Quilt Momof11

    From Momof11: I made this scrap quilt for a friend who was moving away. I think the color placement makes these Sisters Choice blocks look like flowers. Size: 50" x 66"

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    Angie's Crazy Scrappy Quilt

    Scrap Quilt
    My Crazy Scrappy Quilt Quilt by Angie

    From Angie: I was introduced to crazy quilting by my sister when she made me a beautiful Victorian crazy quilt for my birthday. I was anxious to make a bedspread and didn't want to take the time to buy matching colors, so to make this quilt I used everything I had available in my sewing room. I had scraps from other projects as well as clothing in my throw away pile.

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    Old Fans Scrap Quilt

    From Milli: I've been collecting feed sack fabric for years and finally got around to making a quilt with some of the sacks. I remember my aunt using the feed sacks to make aprons and other items when I was little so it was fun to work on the quilt.

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    Half Square Triangles Quilt

    scrap quilt
    Half Square Triangles Quilt by sewbeth

    From Sewbeth: This single bed size scrap quilt is made with 3-inch squares sewn into half-square triangle units.

    Make Scrappy Half-Square Triangle Units

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    Scrappy Baskets Wallhanging

    basket quilt
    Scrappy Baskets Wallhanging by Haubon Quilts

    From Lina: his 60" X 38" scrappy baskets quilt was made of scraps from previous bed covers I have made. I focus my quilting on bed covers and baby quilts, but since our house is not painted yet, I made this wallhanging thinking that it would lighten up our dining room -- it worked!.

    15" Scrappy Baskets Quilt Block Pattern

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    Scrappy Strips Quilt

    scrap quilt
    Scrappy Strips Quilt © Carole

    From Carol: This scrap quilt is made on the back of my daughter's runner from her wedding. I cut strips of interfacing in all different widths and in 72" lengths and then just grabbed fabric from my stash without looking and added every which way to the strips. I saw the idea in an old magazine, but that was a small quilt -- mine is queen size with 8" squares for the border (I sewed them every which way to the interfacing).

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    Ken's 50th Birthday Scrap Quilt

    Ken's 50th Birthday Quilt © Claire

    From Claire: This is my first completed bed size quilt. Several of our club members (Otago Q&P N.Z.) made this, and the original version called "Autumn Splendor," from a book in our club library. It is queen size and I used bottle green as my contrast.

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    Star-Fling Scrap Quilt

    star quilt
    Star Fling Quilt © Robicole

    From Robicole: This quilt was made from quilts swapped in the Star Fling block swap, 2006

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    Happy Scrappy Houses Quilt

    houses quilt
    Happy Scrappy Houses Quilt © Robicole

    From Robicole: I made the scrappy houses quilt from the blocks we swapped in the Penny Pincher Happy Scrappy Houses Swap in 2007.

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    Maple Leaf Scrap Quilt

    maple leaf quilt
    Maple Leaf quilt made from blocks won in a Quilting Forum event. © Robicole

    From Robicole: I made this maple leaf scrap quilt with the winnings from the block lotto in 2007.

    Maple Leaf Quilt Block Pattern

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    Batik Framed Four Patch Scrap Quilt

    four patch quilt
    Batik Framed Four Patch © Robicole

    From Robicole: This quilt was made from blocks swapped from Krista's Batik Framed Four Patch Swapnnjjeasy 

    Framed Four Patch Quilt Block Pattern