14 Scrap Quilt Patterns to Help Use up Your Fabric Stash

A quilt laying on a table

Sew Can She

A scrap quilt is the perfect way to create something new from what you already have, and these scrap quilt patterns will have you digging into your fabric scrap pile so you can create a quilt from fabric that you already have on hand. There's a quilt here for every skill level, and most are beginner-friendly. A quick look at the pattern will tell you what skill level is required.

No matter what size scraps you have, you should be able to find the perfect quilt pattern here to put your scrap stash to good use. There are patterns here that use the tiniest scraps to create something beautiful, while larger special pieces of scrap can be used to show off the fabric.


After you've decided what pattern you'll make, you'll need to choose fabrics for your scrap quilt. There are a lot of ways you can go, depending on just how scrappy you want it to look.

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    Scrap Stash Plus

    A colorful plus quilt

    Quilty Love

    This modern plus quilt makes it easy to show off your fabric scraps. This quilt uses 2 1/2 inch strips that you should be able to easily find amongst your scraps. There's a whopping 8 different quilt sizes included in this pattern, from baby all the way up to King. There's also a lot of great tips here for organizing your fabric scraps.

    Scrap Stash Plus from Quilty Love, Free

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    Hidden Garden

    A woman holding a quilt on a beach

    Suzy Quilts

    The Hidden Garden quilt pattern is perfect for showing off some larger scrap pieces. There are no sewing curves with this pattern: It uses raw-edge applique to attach the scraps to the background.

    Hidden Garden from Suzy Quilts, Free

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    The Stacks

    A white scrappy quilt hanging on a fence

    Karen Griska Quilts

    What a scrap-busting quilt this is! This modern scrappy quilt pattern is only available as a queen size, but it would be easy to scale up or down depending on how many rows and columns you'd like to have. This is a unique scrap quilt that also happens to be perfect for beginners.

    The Stacks from Karen Griska Quilts, $5

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    Controlled Chaos

    A close-up of a quilt

    Shiny Happy World

    The Controlled Chaos scrap quilt is much more than a free pattern. There's a whole tutorial here that takes you through the whole process of choosing colors, making the blocks, putting together the quilt, and finally topping the whole quilt off with some big stitch quilting.

    Controlled Chaos from Shiny Happy World, Free

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    A patchwork quilt hanging on a white fence

    Sew Can She

    Now, this is a scrappy quilt! Made entirely out of 2 1/2 inch squares, you can go wild using just about every scrap you have on hand. All different colors are used making it the ultimate scrappy quilt. There's a tutorial in addition to the pattern that will help you put it all together.

    Patchwork from Sew Can She, Free

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    Four Square

    A colorful quilt hanging on a fence

    Coral + Co.

    This free quilt pattern calls for 5-inch charm squares, but there's no reason you couldn't replace those with your scraps. This quilt has a lot of white space in it, making it great for showing off those precious scraps of fabric you've been saving.

    Four Square from Coral + Co., Free

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    Happy Scrappy Baskets

    A basket quilt hanging on a wooden fence

    Coriander Quilts

    Baskets are traditional in quilting, but this one mixes it up by filling them with a colorful burst of scrap fabric squares and triangles. This pattern proves that you can still have order in a scrappy quilt.

    Happy Scrappy Baskets from Coriander Quilts, $9.95

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    Fat Quarter Fancy

    A quilt laying on a wooden table

    Sew Can She

    This pattern calls for fat quarters, but scraps would work beautifully here, too. It really features the scraps and only calls for a little over a yard in background fabric. This makes a throw-sized quilt that everyone will be fighting over.

    Fat Quarter Fancy from Sew Can She, Free

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    Star Value

    A close-up of a scrappy quilt

    Happy Quilting

    Get scrappy with this free quilt block pattern that's available in five sizes, giving you a lot of flexibility to change the size of the star based on the amount of scrap fabric you have. You can make this totally scrappy or organize your stars by color. Besides the free pattern, there's also a tutorial to help you patchwork the stars.

    Star Value from Happy Quilting, Free

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    Stacked Squares

    A scrappy quilt

    Happy Quilting

    Stacked Squares is a scrappy quilt pattern that is designed by placing low-volume colors in some areas and bright colors in others. Depending on what scraps you have, this might be the perfect quilt for you to make. Five sizes are included and there's a whole tutorial to help you put everything together.

    Stacked Squares from Happy Quilting, Free

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    Grandma's Window

    A close-up of a colorful quilt

    Under the Shamrock

    This pretty quilt is completed on-point, making this an intermediate level quilt to make. Different sizes of squares show off different fabrics. You could choose certain colors or just use everything you have to make it even more scrappy.

    Grandma's Window from Under the Shamrock, $9.95

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    A plaid quilt held up outside

    Kitchen Table Quilting

    Create the look of plaid with this free scrappy quilt pattern that comes out to be 64 inches by 82 inches. You can easily scale the size up and down by adding or subtracting blocks. In addition to the pattern, there's also a free coloring sheet available, so you can plan where you'll be putting everything.

    Plaid-ish from Kitchen Table Quilting, Free

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    Feel the Tide

    A colorful scrap quilt on a fence in the woods

    Thimbles and Needles

    Dig into your scrap basket and choose whichever fabrics you love to use in this Feel the Tide quilt. This is a beautiful quilt with a unique design that you're going to love. Only one size is available, an over-sized throw size that would be perfect for cuddling up under.

    Feel the Tide from Thimbles and Needles, $9.90

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    Exploding Heart

    A scrappy heart quilt in a field

    Slice of Pi Quilts

    This 72-inch by 72-inch quilt features an exploding heart, and scraps would really make it interesting. This is an advanced beginner pattern that includes detailed instructions and advice on colors if you'd like to go a little less scrappy.

    Exploding Heart from Slice of Pi Quilts