Two-Letter Scrabble Words

A list of all the two-letter words accepted in the board game Scrabble

Scrabble two letter words

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

More than 100 two-letter words can be played in Scrabble. Although they generally won't earn you a lot of points, knowing them can get you out of some tough spots and keep your game moving along. This list includes all of the legal two-letter Scrabble words. Most of these two-letter words can take an "S" on the end to form a plural three-letter word. (Those are marked with "(S)" in this list.) The point value stated is for the singular version of the word.

To improve your play and add a more strategic element, you might also want to learn Scrabble's legal words with no vowels and words with a Q but no U. There are multiple Scrabble word lists to study and some simple ways to improve your Scrabble play.


These words are legal according to the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, 4th Edition. They may not be legal if you use a different dictionary. The word list used in tournament games in the United States is known as the Official Tournament and Club Word List, created by the National Scrabble Association.


AA(S), 2 points

AB(S), 4 points

AD(S), 3 points

AE, 2 points

AG(S), 3 points

AH(S), 5 points

AI(S), 2 points

AL(S), 2 points

AM, 4 points

AN, 2 points

AR(S), 2 points

AS(S), 2 points

AT, 2 points

AW, 5 points

AX, 9 points

AY(S), 5 points

BA(S), 4 points

BE(S), 4 points

BI(S), 4 points

BO(S), 4 points

BY(S), 7 points

DE, 3 points

DO(S), 3 points

You probably know that “abs” refer to your abdominal muscles, but did you know that “bo” (pronounced “bow”) is another word for “boo?


ED(S), 3 points

EF(S), 5 points

EH, 5 points

EL(S), 2 points

EM(S), 4 points

EN(S), 2 points

ER(S), 2 points

ES(S), 2 points

ET, 2 points

EX, 9 points

FA(S), 5 points

FE(S), 5 points

GO(S), 3 points

HA(S), 5 points

HE(S), 5 points

HI(S), 5 points

HM, 7 points

HO, 5 points

HM is an abbreviation for three things: hectometer, headmaster or headmistress, and Her or His Majesty.


ID(S), 3 points

IF(S), 5 points

IN(S), 2 points

IS, 2 points

IT(S), 2 points

JO, 9 points

KA(S), 6 points

KI(S), 6 points

LA(S), 2 points

LI(S), 2 points

LO, 2 points

Keep simple words in mind like ID, IF, IN, IS, and IT when looking for two-letter words. It doesn't always have to be super-complicated to score some points.


MA(S), 4 points

ME, 4 points

MI(S), 4 points

MM, 6 points

MO(S), 4 points

MU(S), 4 points

MY, 7 points

NA, 2 points

NE, 2 points

NO(S), 2 points

NU(S), 2 points

OD(S), 3 points

OE(S), 2 points

OF, 5 points

OH(S), 5 points

OI, 2 points

OM(S), 4 points

ON(S), 2 points

OP(S), 4 points

OR(S), 2 points

OS, 2 points

OW, 5 points

OX, 9 points

OY, 5 points

PA(S), 4 points

PE(S), 4 points

PI(S), 4 points

Nu is the thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet and also the thirteenth star in any constellation.


QI(S), 11 points

RE(S), 2 points

SH, 5 points

SI(S), 2 points

SO(S), 2 points

TA(S), 2 points

TI(S), 2 points

TO, 2 points

Qi is the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine. It's also an 11 point word.


UH, 5 points

UM, 4 points

UN(S), 2 points

UP(S), 4 points

US, 2 points

UT(S), 2 points

WE, 5 points

WO(S), 5 points

XI(S), 9 points

XU, 9 points

YA, 5 points

YE(S), 5 points

YO, 5 points

ZA(S), 11 points

If you ever travel to Vietnam, you'll want to have some xu, which is a monetary unit. One xu is equal to one-hundredth of a dong, another Vietnamese unit of currency.