Three-Letter J Words to Help You Win in Scrabble

Scrabble three letter J word

The Spruce / Margot Cavin​ 

There's only one J tile in Scrabble, and it's worth 8 points. So when you draw it, you want to be ready to take advantage. A great place to start is learning these three-letter J words.

These words are legal according to the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, 4th Edition, or validated with Hasbro's online Scrabble Dictionary in November 2016. They may not be legal if you use a different dictionary. The word list used in tournament games in the United States is known as the Official Tournament and Club Word List, created by the National Scrabble Association.

Included is the definition in case your opponent challenges you on its meaning. Also, see the plural version and related words for adding on letters in your current or future moves.

J Words With Three Letters That Are Allowable in Scrabble

  • AJI: A type of chili pepper. Plural: AJIS
  • HAJ: Alternate of hadj, a pilgrimage to Mecca. Extend words: HAJES, HADJES, HAJI, HAJIS
  • JAB: To strike or punch abruptly. Extend words: JABS, JABBED, JABBING, JABBER, JABBERS
  • JAG: A sharp projection or to cut unevenly. Extend words: JAGS, JAGGED, JAGGING, JAGGER, JAGGERS
  • JAM: A preserve of crushed fruit or to force together. Extend words: JAMS, JAMMED, JAMMING, JAMMER, JAMMERS
  • JAR: A cylindrical vessel with a wide mouth or to cause to shake. Extend words: JARS, JARRED, JARRING, AJAR
  • JAW: A part of the skull or to jabber.Extend words: JAWS, JAWED, JAWING
  • JAY: A crested bird. Plural: JAYS
  • JEE. To gee (turn to the right). Extend words: JEED, JEEING, JEES
  • JET: A type of aircraft or to spurt forth a stream. Extend words: JETS, JETTED, JETTING, RAMJET
  • JEU: A game. Related: JEUX
  • JIB: To refuse to comply. Extend words: JIBS, JIBBED, JIBBING, JIBBER, JIBBERS
  • JIG: A type of folk dance. Extend words: JIGS, JIGGED, JIGGING, JIGGER, JIGGERED, JIGGERING, JIGGERS
  • JIN: An elongated fruit or a jinn, a supernatural being (genie). Extend words: JINS, JINN, JINNS, JINNEE
  • JOB: Occupation. Extend words: JOBS, JOBBED, JOBBING, JOBBER, JOBBERS
  • JOE: Coffee or a fellow. Extend words: JOES, JOEY, JOEYS
  • JOG: To run at a slow pace. Extend words: JOGS, JOGGING, JOGGED, JOGGER, JOGGERS
  • JOT: To write hurriedly. Extend words: JOTS, JOTTED, JOTTER, JOTTERS, JOTTING
  • JOW: An obsolete unit of length in India or to toll. Extend words: JOWS, JOWED, JOWING
  • JOY: Great happiness. Related: JOYS, JOYED, JOYING, ENJOY, ENJOYS
  • JUG: A large bottle with a narrow mouth or to put something into a jug. Extend words: JUGS, JUGGED, JUGGING, JUGGLE, JUGGLER, JUGGLERS, JUGGLES, JUGGLED, JUGGLING.
  • JUN: A monetary unit of North Korea. Extend words: JUNTA, JUNTAS
  • JUS: A sauce for roasted meats or a legal right.
  • JUT: To bulge or stick out. Extend words: JUTS, JUTTED, JUTTING
  • RAJ: To reign or dominion. Extend words: RAJES, RAJA, RAJAH, RAJAS, RAJAHS
  • TAJ: A tall brimless hat. Extend words: TAJES

Look for a Chance to Make a Two-Letter J Word in Your Play

When you're using the J, also look for corners where you can create the two-letter words JA or JO in the same play.

3-Letter J Words Not in the Official Scrabble Dictionary

You will see other lists of 3-letter J words online that contain these words. They are not in the official Hasbro Scrabble dictionary online as of November 2016. Some may be considered a proper name, an ethnic slur, or a colloquial term. GJU, JAI, JAK, JAP, JEW, JIZ, JOL, JOR, JUD

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