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    Ho Ho Ho!

    There’s no better way to get into the spirit of the season than crafting a bit of holiday decor, especially when the whole family is able to participate. Focus on Santa Claus this Christmas by creating a few projects centered around the man himself. Capture Santa’s iconic white beard, unmissable red coat, and signature rosy cheeks with paint, paper, and recycled materials. Most Santa crafts are simple and straightforward, so even the least experienced crafters (and littlest kids) can tackle them easily in one cozy afternoon. No matter how you and your little ones choose to imagine Santa Claus this Christmas, do so via the list of creative, kid-friendly ideas below.

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    Newspaper Santa Art

    Scavenge the recycling bin for a few sheets of newsprint to create a multi-media Santa face. Pro tip: create this happy Santa on sturdy cardstock or cardboard--it’ll stand up better to multiple layers of paint and glue.

    Newspaper Santa Art from I Heart Crafty Things

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    Hand Print Santa Ornament

    This fun craft is an absolute two-for: kids get to make homemade play-dough, then shape and paint it into an adorable ornament. This quick craft will surely be a keepsake--your kids will love measuring their growing hands against their smaller ones for years to come. Although the craft dough is made from flour and salt, it’s definitely not safe for consumption, so keep a close eye on kid makers.


    Hand Print Santa Ornament from The Best Ideas for Kids

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    Strawberry Santa Pops

    Bring craft time to the kitchen by building cute Santa pops. Simple white icing is sticky enough to add a sprinkle beard and Santa's features, so no specialty ingredients are needed here. These clever snacks even incorporate strawberry, so rest easy knowing your kids will get a bit of fruit between all the treats this holiday season. 

    Strawberry Santa Pops from Capture by Lucy

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    Craft Stick Santa

    Grab those tried-and-true kid’s art media, the craft stick, to build a durable Santa Claus decoration. This one stands up to packing and unpacking year after year, so consider it a homemade keepsake to bring out each holiday season.

    Craft Stick Santa from Easy Peasy and Fun


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    Popcorn Santa

    After you’ve strung plenty of popcorn garland, put those leftover popped kernels to good use as Santa’s fluffy beard. Don’t forget a big pair of googly eyes to finish this easy, adorable, kid-friendly artwork. Looking to make this decoration last a few years? Give it a quick spray with a clear sealant to prevent the popcorn from flaking off. 


    Popcorn Santa from The Inspiration Edit

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    Starfish Santa Craft

    Transform a vacation souvenir (or a store-bought starfish) into a festive Christmas decoration with a quick coat of paint. Add a bit of looped fishing line to turn this tabletop tchotchke into a Christmas tree ornament and enjoy it for multiple holiday seasons. 

    Starfish Santa Craft from Crafts by Courtney

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    Paper Plate Santa

    This straightforward kids’ craft couldn’t be easier. Break out the non-toxic paint and construction paper and let kids create a piece of Santa-themed artwork. Little ones in need of a little inspiration? Grab a stack of holiday books and have them recreate the illustrations. 

    Paper Plate Santa from Simple Everyday Mom

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    Santa Slime

    Mix up a big batch of fluffy, squeezable slime for an easy holiday-themed project that little ones will enjoy making as much as they'll enjoy playing with. Use food-safe dye to color your slime red, and add a drop or two of cinnamon essential oil to scent it. 

    Santa Slime from The Best Ideas for Kids

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    Santa Corner Bookmark

    Encourage your kids’ regular reading habits, even over the school holiday break, with a set of festive, homemade bookmarks. These Santa corner bookmarks are perfect for a cozy, Christmas-themed novel, or to provide a little extra motivation to get through mandatory reading. 

    Santa Corner Bookmark from Red Ted Art

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    Paper Plate Santa Face

    Put a couple of paper plates to good use by creating this simple Santa face art. This is a great project for little ones wanting to practice their fine motor skills--cutting simple shapes from paper is a great way to hone those scissor skills.

    Paper Plate Santa Face from I Heart Crafty Things

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    Painted Beard Santa

    This quick artwork idea uses two different, fun painting techniques to keep kids engaged. Are your little ones too small for a paintbrush? Grab some white fingerpaint and point them in the direction of Santa's beard. Try creating this art on a piece of cardstock or canvas so you can display it during the holidays year after year. 

    Painted Beard Santa from Buggy and Buddy

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    Santa Finger Puppet

    Playing pretend feels extra special during Christmastime, so why not create a set of holiday-themed finger puppets with your kids? This version includes a free printable, so the creativity (and artistic skill) needed is minimal. 

    Santa Finger Puppet from Kids Craft Room

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    Yarn Beard Santa

    Give Santa a beard trim with this clever craft. Bits of yarn, tied onto a sturdy base, act as hair tendrils ready to be snipped into shape by your little ones. While the hole punch should be handled by adults, kids can definitely practice their scissor skills with a safety pair.

    Yarn Beard Santa from Kids Craft Room

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    Cork Santa Claus

    Create an army of mini Santas to welcome the holiday season out of salvaged wine corks. A bit of felt, paint, and a loop of ribbon turns a plain cork into a festive Santa Claus Christmas Tree ornament, so grab a bag and start saving wine stoppers this Thanksgiving.

    Cork Santa Claus from Red Ted Art

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    Paper Beard Santa

    Add a bit of dimension to your Santa-themed artwork with a curlicue white paper beard. Kids will love mastering the wrap-and-curl paper technique to bring their Santa Claus to life. Hang these on the wall in clusters of three for an eye-catching holiday display. 

    Paper Beard Santa from Arty Crafty Kids