Sakura Glaze Pens

Review of Sakura Glaze Pens for Miniature Projects
Glaze pens are good for creating stained glass effects in miniature. Photo © 2007 Lesley Shepherd

Sakura glaze pens were designed for scrapbook and card makers, but are useful for stained glass for dollhouses and scale buildings, plastic or gel effects and raised lines for miniaturists.

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  • Glaze pens write with a clear transparent ink

  • Raised surfaces similar to embossing can be produced if you write slowly.

  • Pens are easy to control and use


  • Take a minute to dry

  • Cannot get raised effect on absorbent surfaces


  • These pens write with a clear gel raised ink, similar to an embossed surface when they dry.
  • They will act as a glass paint glaze on coated papers, glass, ceramic, plastic and other surfaces.
  • Meet ASTM and ACMI non toxicity standards.

Guide Review - Sakura Glaze Pens

What They Do

These pens make stained glass and raised lines on glass easy for miniaturists. An embossed effect is produced when writing slowly on a non porous surface. The glaze will run together like paint to make a raised surface for stained glass effects.

When dry, the finish is water resistant, although I wouldn't leave items to soak in water!

The pens produce a 0.7mm bold line width but you must test the pen on a scrap of material or be prepared to wipe off mistakes as the pens bleed out on some surfaces.

Color Range

Colors are on the bright modern side, but blend together to create more traditional colors, just make sure you wipe of the pen tips or use a toothpick to blend colors. Applying several layers will create richer color, allow it to dry between coats.

The pens come in fifteen colors, sold in sets or packages of two. Colors available: orange, pink, purple, blue, yellow, red, rose, green, black, royal blue, hunter green, turquoise, grey sepia, opaque white and clear. The clear gloss can be used as a see through line if paint or ink is applied over it and wiped off. Opaque white can be mixed with other colors to produce marbled effects similar to opaque stained glass on clear surfaces.

Uses for Miniatures

  • Use with printed overhead sheets to create colored stained glass windows from traditional designs.
  • Lay a piece of clear film over an illustration or stained glass design printed to scale, then color on the film using the illustration as a guide to create a stained glass window. Use a black glaze pen to create raised lead lines between colors.
  • Use to color glass or clear plastic plates to create a colored or patterned effect.
  • Use on pieces of square or circles of acetate plastic to create clear serving dishes with colored glass sections or designs for miniature food presentations.
  • Use to simulate glaze icings on miniature food

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