Sacagawea & Native American One Dollar Coin Mintages

2016 Sacajawea or native American one dollar United States coin
The United States Mint

History of the Sacajawea and Native American Dollar

The United States Mint first produced the Sacajawea dollar in 2000 to replace the Susan B. Anthony (SBA) dollar. The SBA dollar was never popular with the public due to its size and color that was very similar to the United States quarter dollar. The new dollar had a golden color and smooth edge. The visual and physical characteristics of the new coin ensured that it would not be confused with any other coin in regular circulation.

The obverse and reverse remained unchanged from 2000 through 2008. In 2009 the Native American dollar was introduced. The obverse still possessed Glenna Goodacre's portrait of Sacajawea. However, the reverse design would change annually. The authorizing legislation stated, "the important contributions made by Indian tribes and individual Native Americans to the development and history of the United States" will be featured on the reverse. The coin's edge is inscribed incuse with the year of minting, the mint Mark, in the legend E PLURIBUS UNUM.

Mintage Figures

The United States Mint first began minting the Sacagawea dollar in 2000 and the Native American dollar in 2009. Where possible, production numbers by strike type are noted.

YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
2000PhiladelphiaP5,500Bold detail in the eagle's tail feathers
2000 SMSPhiladelphiaP5,000Goodacre Presentation Finish
2000 ProofSan FranciscoS4,047,904 
2001 ProofSan FranciscoS2,618,086 
2002 ProofSan FranciscoS3,210,674 
2003 ProofSan FranciscoS3,315,542 
2004 ProofSan FranciscoS2,965,422 
2005 SMSPhiladelphiaP1,141,895Satin Finish
2005 SMSDenverD1,141,895Satin Finish
2005 ProofSan FranciscoS3,329,229 
YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
2006 SMSPhiladelphiaP915,586Satin Finish
2006 SMSDenverD915,586Satin Finish
2006 ProofSan FranciscoS3,077,280 
2007 SMSPhiladelphiaP895,628Satin Finish
2007 SMSDenverD985,799Satin Finish
2007 ProofSan FranciscoS2,590,005 
2008 SMSPhiladelphiaP745,464Satin Finish
2008 SMSDenverD814,420Satin Finish
2008 ProofSan FranciscoS2,199,761 
2009 Three SistersPhiladelphiaP37,380,000 
2009 Three Sisters SMSPhiladelphiaP774,844Satin Finish
2009 Three SistersDenverD33,880,000 
2009 Three Sisters SMSDenverD774,844Satin Finish
2009 Three Sisters ProofSan FranciscoS2,172,373 
2010 Great Law of Peace (Iroquois Confederacy)PhiladelphiaP32,060,000 
2010 Great Law of Peace (Iroquois Confederacy) SMSPhiladelphiaP583,912Satin Finish
2010 Great Law of Peace (Iroquois Confederacy)DenverD48,720,000 
2010 Great Law of Peace (Iroquois Confederacy) SMSDenverD283,912Satin Finish
YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
2010 Great Law of Peace (Iroquois Confederacy) ProofSan FranciscoS1,689,364 
2011 Wampanoag TreatyPhiladelphiaP29,400,000 
2011 Wampanoag TreatyDenverD48,160,000 
2011 Wampanoag Treaty ProofSan FranciscoS1,647,669 
2012 Trade Routes in the 17th CenturyPhiladelphiaP2,800,000 
2012 Trade Routes in the 17th CenturyDenverD3,080,000 
2012 Trade Routes in the 17th Century ProofSan FranciscoS1,189,445 
2013 The Delaware Treaty (1778)PhiladelphiaP1,820,000 
2013 The Delaware Treaty (1778)DenverD1,820,000 
2013 The Delaware Treaty (1778) ProofSan FranciscoS1,192,690 
2014 Native HospitalityPhiladelphiaP3,080,000 
2014 Native HospitalityDenverD2,800,000 
2014 Native Hospitality ProofSan FranciscoS1,144,154 
YearMintMint MarkMintageNotes
2015 Mohawk IronworkersPhiladelphiaP2,800,000 
2015 Mohawk IronworkersDenverD2,240,000 
2015 Mohawk Ironworkers ProofSan FranciscoS1,050,394 
2015 Mohawk IronworkersWest PointW88,805Enhanced Uncirculated Finish
2016 Code TalkersPhiladelphiaP2,800,000 
2016 Code TalkersDenverD2,100,000 
2016 Code Talkers ProofSan FranciscoS931,866 
2017 SequoyahPhiladelphiaP- 
2017 SequoyahDenverD- 
2017 SequoyahSan FranciscoS- 
2017 SequoyahSan FranciscoS-Enhanced Uncirculated Finish

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