Rubber Stamping Projects For The Home

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    Rubber Stamping Projects For Your Home

    Rubber Stamps
    Getty Images: CatLane

    As any rubber stamping enthusiast will know, there are so many ways you can use your rubber stamps. Anything with a flat surface (or indeed a curved surface) can be decorated with a rubber stamped image or two. Admittedly, some surfaces which are highly porous or are prone to getting wet may require a special rubber stamping ink or require sealing before they are stamped, however, with a little forward planning everything from curtains to coasters can be decorated with rubber stamps.

    Best Types of Rubber Stamp for Home Decorating Projects

    So, what type of rubber stamp is best for home decorating projects? Well, of course, that will largely depend on what you are stamping and the stamps you have available. If you are a handmade card maker, you are likely to have a lot of smaller stamps, which are ideal for stamping designs onto the front of cards. Therefore, if you want to use your existing stamps then projects such as rubber stamping onto smaller items such as coasters, ​fridge magnets and other small items of home decor will be essential. 

    However, if you are looking to buy or even to make rubber stamps specifically for home decor rubber stamping projects, you might want to look for large stamps with a bold design. While fancy ornate rubber stamps look great on handmade cards and scrapbook pages, they can look unclear and messy when stamped onto large objects. Therefore big solid shapes and other simple designs will work best as you will see in the following projects.

    Make Your Own Stamps

    Look in any craft store, and you will find a huge range of rubber stamp designs. However, if the perfect design alludes you, you can easily create your own rubber stamps. Stamp carving requires just a few simple tools and stamps can be carved from erasers as well as special stamp carving materials.

    The benefit of carving your own stamps is you can create stamps that are the perfect size and shape to complement your home decor. You can take this one stage further by picking an element from your room decor and repeating this using your rubber stamp designs.

    Rubber Stamping Projects for The Home

    There are so many ways you can use your rubber stamps in the home. We've selected some of the very best rubber stamping projects for the home to share with you. Whether you want to give your dining room a makeover for a celebration or give a bedroom a whole new look, we've found some great ideas to share with you!

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    DIY Hand Rubber Stamped Fabric

    Whether you want to create large items such as curtains or smaller items such as table napkins, stamping directly onto fabric is a handy technique to learn. This tutorial from Oh So Beautiful Paper shows how to use your rubber stamps and ink to stamp onto linen.

    One of the advantages of stamping directly onto fabric is that you are stamping onto a completely flat surface, without seams, buttons or other items which can make creating a crisp and even stamped design difficult. You can then use the stamped fabric to make the finished items.

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    Stamped Curtains

    Stamped Curtains
    Wills Casa

    Look at these fantastic hand stamped curtains. You'll find the full photo tutorial over at Will's Casa. These curtains started life as a pair of plain Ikea curtains which have been given a makeover using a hand-carved stamp.

    This is a great way to jazz up a pair of curtains, and the same technique could be used to decorate other items in the room such as pillow covers and throws.

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    Stamped Table Runner

    If you fancy working on a smaller scale, then this stamped table runner might be just the thing. The benefits of creating a hand stamped table runner is that it gives your table decor a hand stamped feel without you having to go to the lengths of stamping a large tablecloth!

    Stamping on textured fabric such as burlap or linen gives a lovely rustic feel to an item, and this is an excellent complement to many decor themes. Pick stamps which have large and bold designs, as very ornate stamped images will get lost on the texture of the fabric.

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    Hand Stamped Pillow

    This is an excellent project from Hello Lidy. Instead of using traditional rubber stamps to create the overall design on this pillow, pieces of sponge have been used to transfer the design to the fabric. This is an extremely effective way to add texture to the stamped image. The almost bubbly surface of the sponge creates interesting branded effects, and no two images will be identical.

    This technique will work best with large bold shapes, such as the triangles used here. The technique could also be adapted to stamp onto larger items including curtains, drapes, ​and tablecloths.

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    Hand Stamped Tile Coasters

    Tile Coasters
    This Makes That

     Turn plain simple tiles into attractive coasters using rubber stamps. Not only do these make great and practical table decorations, but they also make fantastic gifts! Hand stamped coasters are a great way to give a room a cohesive feel. You can use the same rubber stamps to decorate your coaster, table napkins, table runner and other items.

    In this tutorial from This Makes That you'll learn how to make and finish these cute coasters, including how to stamp the image and how to complete the coasters with cork protectors so they won't damage the table.

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    Stamped Lampshade

    Stamped Lampshade
    Gelli Arts

    Stamps are a great way to brighten up an otherwise everyday object as you can see in the image of the lampshade above. Here some stamped images have been used to add a decorative border to the lampshade. Stitching has also been used to add further texture and interest to the stamped image. As stitching creates tiny holes when it is made, this allows pinpricks of light to shine through when the lamp is lit, adding a whole new dimension to the finished lampshade.

    For the complete tutorial jump over the Gelli Art blog.

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    Shrink Plastic Wine Glass Charms

    Wineglass Charms
    Kate Pullen

    We're ending this roundup with wine glass charms created from shrink plastic. This is a small scale project, using a rubber stamped image on shrink plastic to create these tiny charms which are ideal for letting people know which glass is theirs as well as adding a pretty finishing touch to your table.

    However, as well as using this technique to create wine glass charms, you could also create small shrink plastic charms like this to add to other items of decor. Perhaps sew some onto pillow covers or use to make curtain tie backs. Shrink plastic is a versatile and useful material which is the perfect companion to rubber stamps. The key thing to remember when using shrink plastic is that the finished item will be much smaller than the original. Typically you could expect your finished image to be about 30% of the original size. Therefore be sure to choose stamp designs which will still look good, even at smaller sizes.

    The projects on the previous pages show how easy it is to give your home a makeover using your rubber stamps. If you've always thought that rubber stamps were just for making handmade cards, it's time to think again! These projects can be adapted in a whole host of different ways, and you will soon be decorating your home as well as making cute and practical gifts for family and friends.